Mosquito Coil: Use coil to kill mosquitoes, be careful, it is the reason for many diseases

Despite the arrival of winter season, even these days people are troubled by mosquitoes. To get rid of mosquitoes, people use mosquito coils, all out etc. in homes. Even if mosquitoes run away by burning mosquito coils, it has a negative effect on our health. In a recent research, it was found that one coil is as dangerous as 100 cigarettes and about PM 2.5 smoke comes out of it, which is very high. Means it is harmful for the body.

Before telling about the harm caused by mosquito coil, first of all understand how it is made. Actually, this mosquito repellent call contains DDT, other carbon phosphorus and dangerous elements. When all these burn, they harm our health. Let us know what is the effect of burning mosquito coil on health.


Scientists have found in many studies that continuous burning of mosquito coil The environment of the house gets polluted. Chronic exposure to mosquito coils increases the risk of lung cancer.

Eye irritation

Exposure to smoke from mosquito coils Due to coming in, the problem of burning sensation in the eyes and headache starts. Health experts say that one should never come in direct contact with this type of smoke and maintain a certain distance from it. 

Like poison for a newborn

If there is a new born baby or a child in the house whose age is less than 6 years then mosquito coil should not be lit around it. The smoke coming out of this is like poison for their health and is the cause of many serious diseases.

Difficulty in breathing

Often you have seen this Some people burn the coil under their bed to avoid mosquitoes. To do so is equivalent to taking one’s own life. Actually, the smoke coming out of the coil goes directly into the person’s body, which can cause breathing problems and in severe cases, a heart attack can also occur.

What is the best way


According to doctors, burning coils to avoid mosquitoes is not a safe option. To avoid these, mosquito nets should be used or other alternative uses should be used from which smoke does not come out. It is advisable to wear full sleeve shirts and pants to avoid mosquitoes, which reduces the risk of bites and keeps us away from diseases.

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