Mother-daughter duo flew a plane together in America, video went viral

Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt : The shared video of the mother-daughter duo flying the same flight of America’s South-West (South-West) airline is widely appreciated by the public. are liking. In the flight where people encouraged both mother and daughter. At the same time, the video shared by South-Best airline on social media is now going viral. . During this, both mother and daughter shared an old picture. People have shared this heart touching moment by capturing it in their camera. People are commenting and liking the video. Both mother and daughter have described this moment as a dream come true.

Captain Holly Petit and First Officer Kelly Petit are such a mother-daughter pilot pair in South-West Airlines. Which made people travel together on Thursday. Holly and Kelly flew together on the number 3658 flight from Denver to St. Louis on July 23.

Captain Holly introduced her daughter to passengers before take-off, people caught on camera have done. This moment has also been broadcast through Good Morning America video.

Mother-daughter had reached with their memories

In the video both the mother- Daughter is sharing an old picture. During this, Captain Holly said that it is like a dream come true. He likes to fly a lot. Now his son has also been added to this career.

Holi started as a flight attendant

Captain Holly completed his studies and took a flight. Started his career as an attendant. After that she became a pilot at that time. When his daughter Kelly was just two years old. Holi has been providing her services for the last 18 years.

Kelly decided her career at the age of 14

Kelly dreamed of becoming a pilot at the age of 14. He wanted to be like his mother. After obtaining a pilot’s license, he did an internship with South West Airlines in 2017. After this she went on touching the heights.

2.79 More than a million views of the video

Mother on the Internet- So far more than 2.79 lakh people have seen the video of the daughter pair that went viral. While more than 24 thousand people have liked. People are giving a lot of love to the mother-daughter duo.

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