MP News: Death of farmer engaged in line for fertilizer, case of CM’s home district

MP Fertilizer Shortage: Fertilizer shortage in Madhya Pradesh has now started becoming an enemy of farmers’ lives. In CM Shivraj’s home district Sehore and former Revenue Minister Karan Singh Verma’s assembly constituency, a farmer standing in line for fertilizer died on Friday. The 62-year-old elderly farmer was standing in the queue for fertilizer since morning. Please inform that farmer Shivnarayan Mewada, a resident of Ramkhedi village of Ichhawar assembly constituency, lost his life before getting the manure. The farmer owning only three acres of land had to get fertilizers from the Dhabla Society.

Farmer dies standing in queue for fertiliser

Farmer Shivnarayan was getting worried for the last three days for fertilizer. A day ago on Friday, farmer Shivnarayan came to know about getting fertilizer. Shivnarayan had reached Dhabla Society to collect the manure. Makhan Singh Mewada, the son of the deceased farmer, told that the father was standing in the queue for fertilizer since morning. The slip was given for three bags of manure at 4 pm. After getting the slip, the father was going to collect manure but died before that. Please inform that farmer Shivnarayan Mewada, a resident of Ramkhedi village of Ichhawar assembly constituency, had only three acres of land.

The farmer had to get fertilizers through the Dhabla Society. Whose farmer Shivnarayan was getting upset for the last three days. A day ago, on Friday, the farmer Shivnarayan came to know about getting the fertilizer. On which the farmer Shivnarayan had reached the Dhabla Society to get the fertilizer. According to Makhan Singh Mewada, the son of the deceased farmer, the farmers were standing in the queue since morning for the fertilizer and at four o’clock in the evening they Slip was given for three bags of manure. He died even before the farmer was going to collect the fertilizer.


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The relatives said – hunger and thirst became the cause of death

The relatives have told the cause of Shivnarayan’s death to hunger and thirst. The team of ABP News had reached Ramkhedi, the village of deceased farmer Shivnarayan. Relatives said that the farmer had left the house in the morning without eating anything. Due to the long queue for manure, it is evening. Farmer Shivnarayan lost his life due to hunger and thirst throughout the day. Relatives allege that only three sacks of manure could be found for just three acres of land. Farmers are getting worried for one or two bags of manure.

Along with the ruling party, the opposition leaders are also not paying attention to the serious problem of the farmers. The brunt of the neglect of the leaders is now proving fatal for the farmers. However, a day earlier on Friday, district panchayat member of Sehore assembly constituency Shashank Saxena had submitted a memorandum in Shyampur tehsil by marching on foot. Shashank warned the administration to improve the system in three days. Zilla panchayat member Raju Rajput raised the issue of shortage of fertilizers in the district panchayat meeting on November 4.

Raju Rajput had alleged in a conversation with the media that Shivraj and government employees are lying on the problem of fertilizers. Last day, in the meeting of the District Panchayat, we had asked the officers about the availability of fertilizers. He claimed to have sufficient quantity of fertilizers and told that the godowns are full. Rajput had said that the godowns are full, so why are the farmers not getting fertilizers. Raju Rajput said that the manure queue has taken the life of the farmer.

Till now no person from the administration has reached the spot. I demand through the media that five lakh rupees be given as compensation to the victim’s family. The economic condition of the victim’s family is not good. Shankarlal Sen, the manager of Dhabla Society, told in the conversation that the death did not happen due to standing in the queue. The farmers had definitely come to collect the fertiliser. Fertilizer slip had also been given. His thumb impressions were also taken on paper. The deceased farmers were going to take fertilizer from the godown via the shortcut route. The farmer died due to falling after stumbling on the way. 

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