MP News: The organizer apologized for the ruckus regarding the cake, said – our feelings were right

Madhya Pradesh News: The case of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath cutting a temple-shaped cake is gaining momentum. Meanwhile, Kirtish Care Foundation, the organizer of the program held a press conference today and apologized. Although the Congress is still engaged in the defense in this matter, but today Kirtish Sudhanshu, the founder of the Kirtish Foundation, while apologizing said that we had gone to do something else, had gone something else. In such a situation, if someone’s sentiments have been hurt, then she apologises. He said that the program was organized by KKF Foundation, in which former CM Kamal Nath had no information. So it is wrong to link his name with the whole controversy. 

That was the whole matter

Actually, BJP District President Vivek Bunty Sahu released a video of former CM Kamal Nath through a press conference. It was also alleged that while playing with Hindu sentiments, he had hurt Hindu faith by cutting a cake with the temple and Hanuman’s artwork. After which BJP had demanded action in this matter. Chief Minister of the state Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Vishwas Sarang, Narottam Mishra and all the big leaders had tried to surround Kamal Nath by questioning the intention of former CM Kamal Nath. Today the organizer of the program has apologized and clarified, but the thing to note is that the former CM Kamal Nath has not given any statement in this matter yet. 

The organizer said, as the vision, so the creation

KKF’s Keerti Sudhanshu said on the political ruckus on the cake that the creation is like the vision, the person in front has the attitude that how he sees. Our intention was only to wish Kamal Nath on his birthday. There was a sense that he had given a big gift to the district in the form of Simaria Hanuman Temple, people should remember him. We are sorry that there has been religious politics on that. He said that Hanuman was not made in the cake. The cake had a sticker of Hanuman. He said that before cutting the cake, Kamal Nath had cut the second cake. The purpose of putting Hanuman’s photo on the cake was to tell Kamal Nath as a gift that we thank him.

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