MP serial killer Udayan Das, who murdered his live-in partner after killing his parents

MP Serial Killer Udayan Das: The brutal murder of Shraddha Walker in Delhi reminded of a similar horrific incident that took place in Madhya Pradesh 6 years ago. On July 16, 2016, serial killer Udayan Das (now in Raipur jail) killed his 28-year-old live-in partner Akanksha alias Shweta Sharma in Bhopal and kept her body in a metal box. By pouring concrete into it, he made a mausoleum inside the bedroom and covered it with marble.

After a joint investigation by Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh police, it was found that the accused is a serial killer. Das had killed his parents in 2010 and buried their bodies in the garden of his house in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). 

Udayan also kept the dead alive on social media But he kept his parents and girlfriend Akanksha alive on social media. He himself used to post from his Facebook account. The entire heinous incident came to light when other members of the victim’s family lodged a missing complaint with the Bankura police station in Kolkata.

IANS spoke to senior police officer Virendra Mishra, ACP Habibganj area in Bhopal, whose investigation not only solved Akanksha’s murder but also revealed that the accused had killed her parents.

Recalling the incident, Mishra said, "The accused played the whole game cleverly and managed to convince the West Bengal Police that he was innocent. The Bengal police came here twice but returned empty-handed because the accused was very smart. Later he sought help from Bhopal Police and my team and I started investigating the matter."

Both had befriended only on social media
According to Mishra, the accused was a native of Chhattisgarh and the victim, Akanksha, was from West Bengal. The two befriended on social media in New Delhi and later moved to Bhopal in June 2016.

The victim told the family that she had got a job in the US. After July 2016, Akanksha lost contact with her family members and when her brother traced the number, her location turned out to be Bhopal. The family members suspected that Akanksha was living with Udayan. Akanksha was reported missing in December 2016.

Shweta had come to know that Udayan had killed her parents
Mishra said, "During the investigation, Das confessed to the crime and revealed that he killed Akanksha because he came to know that Udayan had killed his parents in Raipur. After that she wanted to go back to West Bengal. Further, as we inquired about his parents in Raipur, the accused also accepted that he had killed his parents and buried their dead bodies in the courtyard of their house in Raipur . On receiving information about this, the Raipur police had recovered two bodies."

Das’s case was described by the clinical psychologist exactly as Charles Sobhraj’s case. He described the accused as a psychopath suffering from personality disorder. Charles Sobhraj is considered Asia’s biggest serial killer.

Udayan Das was also a victim of psychopathic personality disorder and had not only committed three murders one after the other, but had cleverly duped the police and also embezzled the money coming in his name.

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