MP Varun Gandhi targeted BJP government, said this on farmers, employment and paper leak

UP News: MP Varun Gandhi, who reached his parliamentary constituency Pilibhit, targeted the government for employment and non-recruitment of government vacancies. Varun Gandhi, who was seen talking about the interests of farmers and poor, said that questions have been raised on the corrupt system in the whole country regarding 8 percent loan to small businessmen and farmers. At the same time, many questions were being raised on the government regarding the non-recruitment of vacant posts regarding the declared jobs of the government.

What did you say about employment?
The MP said that the issue of employment and farmers is one of the biggest questions in the whole country. One crore 60 lakh jobs have been declared in our country. This is information through the government, the posts are vacant now. Meaning the government said that there is a job but the job has not been given. It is a big deal in this that when the government establishes a job, along with that job, there is also financial management. All this work does not happen in empty air. The question is where did that money go. 11% out of 19% across the country is going to small scale industries.

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Questions raised regarding bank loan
The MP of Pilibhit said that whose annual income ranges from 50 crores to 100 crores, he gets loan comfortably. But the one who is a farmer, a laborer, a small businessman, he gets a loan of 8 percent, is this justice dear. How many of you are there who have gone to take a loan. Life has been dried in the banks and in the banks to take loans of you people. The experience of how many people must have been spoiled by asking questions and asking for bribes. After all, why the needy are not able to get loans, why corruption is not stopped in this.

Government surrounded by paper leak
He said that there are 8 such exams in Uttar Pradesh whose papers have been leaked. The future of crores of youths goes to waste due to the paper which will be leaked. The young man who goes to Allahabad, Lucknow and Delhi to give the paper and the paper gets leaked, why is this jail not taken against those who misbehave with him. This question should be asked or should not be asked. The young man gives the paper in 2012 and waits for his recruitment till 2022. By then his life is over. Result recruitment is not done till then. After all, why is this happening, why action is not taken against such people who leak the paper.

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