Municipal Corporation meeting in Delhi today, Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be elected: 10 big things

  1. The election of mayor, deputy mayor and six members of the Standing Committee is to be held in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi today. The House of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi will start at 11:00 am.
  2. According to the work list issued by the MCD Secretary, the presiding officer or Protem Speaker, who is BJP councilor Satya Sharma, will first administer oath to the elected councilors and nominated councilors of the Municipal Corporation.
  3. Nowhere in this agenda has it been written that the oath will be administered to the elected councilors first or to the nominated councilors. Going against the tradition last time, Protem Speaker Satya Sharma first started administering oath to the nominated councilors and the whole ruckus started regarding this.
  4. Due to which the House of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi had to be adjourned. Once the corporators are sworn in, then after that the pro tem speaker will conduct the election of the mayor. In this election, all the 250 elected corporators, 14 Delhi MLAs and 10 Delhi MPs will be able to vote.
  5. The mayor will be elected by secret ballot, that is, who is voting for whom. This cannot be known. Once the Mayor is elected, the Presiding Officer will leave his chair and then the house will be presided over by the newly elected Mayor of Delhi.
  6. The election of the deputy mayor will be held first under the chairmanship of the mayor. Its entire process and voting will be the same as that of the mayor’s election. After this, six members of the Standing Committee will be elected. The Standing Committee is the most powerful unit of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the post of Mayor is important but the real government of the Corporation is the Standing Committee.
  7. The election of the mayor and deputy mayor was to be held in the first meeting of the House on January 6 after the municipal elections, but the proceedings of the House were adjourned after AAP and BJP members clashed with each other and created ruckus. Due to which the election of mayor and deputy mayor could not be held.
  8. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections were held on December 4 and the counting of votes took place on December 7. AAP ended the 15-year rule of BJP in MCD by winning 134 wards. The BJP won 104 wards in the 250-member MCD house, while the Congress won nine.
  9. The candidates for the post of Mayor are Shelly Oberoi and Ashu Thakur (AAP) and Rekha Gupta (BJP). Oberoi is the main contender of AAP. The candidates for the post of deputy mayor are Aale Mohammad Iqbal and Jalaj Kumar (AAP) and Kamal Bagdi (BJP).
  10. Apart from the mayor and the deputy mayor, six members of the MCD’s standing committee are also likely to be elected during the House meeting on January 24. The first meeting of the newly elected MCD members was adjourned without electing the mayor and deputy mayor.

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