Musk will also charge lunch money from Twitter employees, will save about 1 million rupees every year

Twitter Lunch Cost: Ever since Elon Musk took charge of Twitter, Twitter has been in constant headlines. Recently Musk has said that the cost of lunch per year for Twitter employees is in billions. Till now the employees working in Twitter were given free lunch, but now news is coming out that very soon the new boss of Twitter is preparing to collect lunch money from his employees. After the news came out, people started criticizing Musk on Twitter. Musk then explained that the cost of lunch was very high, and many employees did not come to the office, causing much of the food to be wasted.

Former Employee Statement

The statement of a former Twitter employee has also come to the fore. He said that every day every employee used to spend 20 – 25 dollars for lunch. He said that the attendance in the office also remains 20 to 50 percent, but Elon Musk has denied the claims of this former employee. Explaining on Twitter, Elon Musk said that the company spends about $ 13 million (about 1 billion in Indian currency) every year for the food of the employees working in the Twitter office in San Francisco

Musk’s old claim

Earlier Elon Musk had claimed that the cost of lunch per day for 12 months is about $400 (about Rs 32,000). This means that Rs 32,000 is spent on 1 employee for lunch in 1 year. Hearing the cost of lunch, many people are calling it a lie, but Musk claims that he was talking on the basis of facts. By the way, Elon Musk’s talk of charging lunch money from employees is not surprising, because Musk has taken many big decisions in the past to cut expenses. Musk has shown 50 percent of the people out of the company and has also removed all the board of directors from the company.

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