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The Episode starts with Kabir rushing Uma to the hospital. He asks the doctor to just start the treatment, he will handle the police. He goes to talk to ACP Shabnam. Shabnam calls Katha. Katha says Uma is in the hospital. Katha and Manyata leave. Jijusa calls Kabir and asks will you jog all day today, come back. Kabir disconnects the call. He asks the doctor how is Uma. Doctor says you can meet her. Kabir goes to talk to Uma. Uma asks why did you save me. Kabir says I know your problem is really big, but those who love you, their problem will start now. Uma says my daughter doesn’t know that her life will get tough, I can’t see her in pain. He asks did you do this for her sake. She says yes, I asked her to abort the…. He disconnects a call. She says she will get tired answering the people, how will she face everyone. He asks will she find the problems difficult when you are with her, sorry, but think, if your daughter took this step, then would you live your life in peace, I can try to lighten your heart. He asks her to share the problem with him.

Katha and Manyata come to the hospital, and ask for Uma. Shabnam says relax, she is fine. She reads the form with Kabir Shekhawat’s name. Uma asks Kabir’s name. Kabir says Kabir Shekhawat, I m from Udaipur, I came for work and temple visit. Uma says don’t pray, she doesn’t listen to prayers. Kabir asks do you hear your children always, you are mum, you know what’s right and wrong for them, you look strong, why did you lose today. Uma says when a devil ruins my daughter’s respect, how can I be strong, he got happy and gave tears of lifetime to my daughter. Kabir cries. He gets Kishor Jijusa’s call. Uma asks him to take the call. Kabir says I will just come. he goes. Katha and Manyata come there. They meet Uma. Jijusa asks are you fine. Kabir says I will come and tell you everything. Kishor says you come on video call for 5mins and have the meeting with the land owner. Kabir tells nurse that he will pay for Uma’s expenses. He goes for meeting. Katha asks how did you think that I can’t live without you, fine, I will also die. Manyata asks can I live without you. Uma says don’t say that. Katha says I have to learn a lot from you, how can I leave my baby, you are my hero, I can’t pass the life’s test without you. Katha goes to get an injection. She leaves. Kabir comes to Uma. Manyata says I could have not handled this tension today, if Katha wasn’t with me, please forgive her. Kabir stands at the door. Uma calls him in. Kabir greets Manyata. Uma says he got me to the hospital, she is my younger daughter Manyata. Manyata thanks Kabir. He says don’t thank me, is your sister fine, aunty told me about her. Uma says I like to trust him, he is not a stranger. Manyata says take rest, we will talk later. Uma asks Kabir to sit. She tells him everything. Kabir gets sad.

Uma asks how can I explain her, tell me, her decision will put thorns in her life, and Manyata’s marriage won’t happen either, I don’t know you, but I find you a sorted guy, can you help me, how shall I convince my daughter to change her decision, I asked her to abort the child, am I saying right or wrong. He asks who are we to decide, I don’t think your daughter should change her decision. Uma says you are also saying the same. Kabir says that animal should get scared of the society, you should praise the girl who is choosing her baby’s life, who is daring to give her name to her baby and raise him, society can’t break her down. Manyata thinks his thinking is similar to Katha. She asks his name and searches about him online. She reads, queen’s bakery owner. Uma says I thought you will explain her. Kabir says no, I think I will get inspired by her if I meet her. Manyata says you can meet her now. Katha comes. Kabir sees her and recalls their meeting. He smiles and thinks Katha. Manyata says Kabir saved mom. Katha says thanks for saving three lives today, so sorry. Uma says he understands everything, he is brave and sensible. Manyata says famous also. Kabir says don’t worry, Uma is fine, forget whatever happened as a bad dream. Uma asks him to explain Katha once. Katha asks what. Uma says don’t pretend.

Nurse says patient needs rest. Kabir says I will leave now, I will call to get your health update. Manyata asks for his phone number to update him. He gives the number. He goes. Nurse says Kabir paid the bill. Katha says I will just come. Kabir goes thinking of Uma’s words about Katha. Katha transfers the bill amount to Kabir. She stops him and thanks for the bill payment. He asks what was the need to return it. She says I can never repay what you did for my mum, please don’t refuse. He says okay, thanks. She says I should say thanks. They pray. She asks what was Uma saying. He says your mom told me everything, its easy to share sorrow with strangers, she couldn’t tolerate whatever happened so she did this, if she insisted also, then I would have not explained anything, you are very strong, who am I to explain you, this happened with many girls, they don’t have courage, that’s why I m proud of you. He smiles.

Katha sees a kid and recalls Rahul. Kabir saves Katha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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