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The Episode starts with Katha saying I don’t want to insult myself by giving a proof to you, you also know the truth. Maddy scolds Katha a lot. Kabir shouts enough and cries. He goes away and locks himself in the room. Katha runs after him. She asks him to open the door. She says I was going to tell you the truth. He sits crying. She also sits there and cries. He goes and sits resting his back against the bed. He feels chest pain. Maasa asks Kishor why didn’t you tell us anything. Kishor says the situation was such. She says enough now. She asks Uma to not insult them more. Uma says we got insulted, I don’t want to leave my daughter in this house where a devil like Yuvraj stays, I will take both my daughters home with me.

She asks Mannu to go and call Katha. Katha comes and says Maasa, Kabir locked himself in the room. Maasa worries. Maddy asks Katha to just leave. Uma asks Katha to come with them. Katha says you all don’t worry for Kabir, I won’t leave him and go. Maasa says you will leave from this house. Katha says no, you can’t oust me and my family, I m this house’s bahu, Kabir’s wife, I won’t go without talking to Kabir. Maddy says she just wants to stay in this house and show her right on Kabir and this house. Police comes home. inspector says we have to arrest Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat. Everyone is shocked. Maasa says you called the police to get my son arrested, how dare you Katha. He says he didn’t file this complaint, Kabir Singh Shekhawat did. Deepa asks Kabir to please open the door. She says police has come outside, please open the door.

Kabir recalls Katha’s words and cries. He recalls Katha and Yuvraj’s awkward interactions after marriage. Deepa says he isn’t opening the door, what shall I do. Kabir asks how didn’t I understand that Katha is in so much pain, I didn’t realize, she tolerated it for my sake and my family, I was happy. Chacha ji says Inspector, Kabir is mistaken, we will solve the family problems, just leave. Inspector says sorry, allegations are serious, we have to arrest Yuvraj.

Yuvraj says I won’t go without talking to Kabir. He goes to Kabir and knocks the door. He asks why did you do this, don’t you trust me, you regard me your son, how did you lose trust on me, trust me, Katha is lying. Kabir screams. He gets dizzy and falls down. Yuvraj says you can’t do this with me. Inspector says we have to arrest Yuvraj. Yash says wait, let me talk to my lawyer. He asks Yuvraj not to worry. He says you think he can do such a thing. Inspector taunts Yuvraj.

He asks Yash to get his lawyer to the police station. Yuvraj says I didn’t do anything, they are forcing me. Yash and Chacha ji go after him. Katha thinks so much happened, but Kabir didn’t come out. She runs and knocks the door. She asks Kabir to open the door, please. Kishor also comes and calls out Kabir. She says if he does anything then… He says don’t worry, he won’t do anything, I know well. He looks underneath the door. He sees Kabir. He says Kabir fainted down. Everyone is shocked. Devraj asks them to step back. They try and break the door. They all go inside and see Kabir lying unconscious. Maasa asks someone to get water. Katha asks Kabir to get up. She sprinkles water on his face. Maddy gets angry. At the hospital, Katha prays for Kabir. She says it wasn’t Kabir’s mistake, don’t hurt him because of me. Mannu says don’t worry, he will be fine.

Maddy says this happened because of you Katha, you knew Kabir loves Yuvraj, even then you blamed Yuvi. Kishor asks her to stop the nonsense. Deepa asks Maddy to please not create any scene. She says think about Kabir please. Yuvraj is in lockup. He recalls Katha. He asks why did you do this with me, Kabir… He gets angry. Doctor comes. He says Kabir is in trauma, he suffered a mental shock, he has gone into coma. Everyone is shocked. Doctor says he can get fine, but I can’t say when, it can take one day, one year or more than that. Everyone cries. Katha says no, Naini Eja/Devimaa can’t do this with Kabir.

The episode ends

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