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The Episode starts with Deepa saying you should have given a tough title. Yash says maybe Katha gave an easy title intentionally. He asks are you both together. Yuvraj leaves. Katha thinks how long will you not face me, Yuvraj. She gets dizzy. Kabir says I told you not to keep the fast. Kishor says yes, no need to keep the fast in this state. Neelam asks this state means? Kishor says she is tired, she couldn’t sleep all night. Kabir says at least have the juice. Katha says don’t worry, I m fine.

Maddy says Katha is very delicate, she is very cunning, she will make the family dance on her fingers. Manju says we will decide the song to dance. Yuvraj is with his friends. He says I got saved from her questions yesterday night, but today morning, she caught me and scolded me a lot, but I did full acting, that I don’t know any Rahul. His friends smile. Bhushan says stick to your word now. Tony says I don’t think this will work, she won’t keep quiet. Maasa asks Katha is she okay. Katha says yes, I m okay, I just need some fresh air. Kabir says I will take you along. She thinks to talk to Yuvraj. She says not you Kabir, give me a chance to bond with the family. She asks Deepa to come with her. Deepa says I m finding a partner to gossip. Kabir jokes. Deepa says Kabir is upset that he isn’t going with you. Katha smiles. Kabir says I m getting tension. Kishor says she said she will break the fast if she feels unwell, don’t worry. Tony asks will you lie to Kabir if he asks you. Yuvraj says she would have told everything to Kabir till now. Tony asks him to go and say sorry. Bhushan says let him do a drama and save himself. Yuvraj says I can’t face her. Tony asks why, are you scared. Yuvraj says yes, happy now. Katha and Deepa come. Katha asks who are you scared of? Deepa says Yuvraj doesn’t get scared easily, he won’t accept if he feels scared. Katha says oh, it means he can be scared even if he doesn’t show. She asks are they your friends. Deepa says yes, they are childhood friends. Katha says then they would be doing all the wrong things together. She taunts them. She says I feel I have seen you two. Tony says in marriage arrangements. She says no, before itself, because I didn’t meet Yuvraj till the marriage. Deepa says I like, you have taken their class. She asks Yuvraj to introduce his friends. Yuvraj says they are my friends, Tony and Bhushan.

She says it looks like you bought this jacket from Nainital. Bhushan says no. Katha says no, I had gifted such jacket to someone some days back. She recalls giving it to Yuvraj. He says no. She says lets bet, we will check the label, if its from Moshang emporium, then you will have to give me whatever I ask for. Deepa checks the label and says you are right, this jacket is from Nainital. Bhushan says I never went to Nainital, Yuvraj gifted this jacket to me. He recalls Yuvraj giving the jacket to him. Katha asks when did you go to Nainital. Yuvraj refuses. Maddy comes and asks him. He says I never visited Nainital, I had ordered this jacket online. Deepa asks what’s special in it. Manju asks them to get Katha for the ritual.

Yuvraj says I have some work. He collides with Yash and goes. Yash says Yuvraj has some secret. The ladies dance in the function. Katha also dances with them. The guest lady says Katha has a good luck, your Saas will love you a lot. Katha sits on the swing. Manju sings. Deepa asks Katha what happened. Katha asks didn’t you all visit Nainital ever. Deepa says we went there in childhood, Yuvraj goes on trips anytime. Manju says we don’t know when he goes. Deepa says he never hides anything from Kabir. Katha thinks Yuvraj kept them in darkness. Gunjan gets angry. She says I would have been there in Katha’s place. Neelam says we have no option than to smile. Everyone dances. Gunjan gets angry seeing Katha. She pushes the swing to make Katha fall.

The episode ends

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