Muslim voters are important in Gujarat, know which party they have faith in?

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: The election bugle has been sounded in Gujarat. This time a triangular contest can be seen in the election battle of Gujarat. Aam Aadmi Party, BJP and Congress are face to face in Gujarat. BJP is in power in Gujarat for many years. Aam Aadmi Party has given all its strength in this election battle. There are a lot of Muslim voters in Gujarat, on which all parties are eyeing.

On one hand, where AIMIM is adopting new tactics to help Muslim voters, on the other hand, Congress is also moving forward on this path. The big question between the elections is that whom will the Muslim voters of Gujarat vote for in the elections.

Who do Muslims vote for?
According to a CSDS survey in Gujarat, earlier 80 percent of the Muslim voters used to vote for the Congress. In 2012, 70% of Muslims voted for Congress and 20% for BJP, but in 2017, 64% of Muslims voted for Congress and 27% for BJP.

now Gujarat Assembly Elections is going to be held in 2022. Whom the Muslims will vote for in this assembly election, it will be known only after the results of the elections are out. Votes will be cast in Gujarat on December 1 and December 5. Its results will be revealed on December 8.

According to the 2011 census in Gujarat, the total population of Gujarat was 6.04 crores. In which there was 58.46 lakh Muslim population. Means Gujarat has about 10 percent Muslim population. Out of 182 assembly seats in Gujarat, 21 seats are Muslim dominated. The Muslim population in these seats is 20 or more than 20 percent.

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