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A Girl who is of 2years 11 & half months old , is running here and there in a huge mansion , while she is running , she suddenly froze in her place , without moving an inch , seeing the scenario shook her to the core , she doesn’t blink her eyes also , sweat beads started to drip from her forehead , and a lone tear escaped from her eyes , A Lady and a Man is seen getting stabbed to death , they fell on the floor with a thud holding their stomach , where they got pierced by the knife , the cut of the knife is soo deep , being a sharp knife , it got wounded more deeply , that the blood is oozing continuously , seconds before dying , both lady and man saw a tiny figure standing in front of them , with moist eyes . They wanted to go near her , but their body is not at all supporting , they wanted to call her , but there is a lump in their throat , because of pain which is created because of the knife , made them unable to speak , only they can say is
” T… ake c… are Princess !! ” , And the very next second they breathed their last !!! The girl collapsed on the floor , seeing both of them in that state , she wasn’t able to bear the pain , or could share her pain , because her parents had a love marriage , for their love , they did many sacrifices , they ran away from their families , far away , and shifted to Mumbai , they had a happy married life , The girl’s father is MR RAJ SINGH RATHORE , he is a business tycoon , and the little girl’s mother is MRS SATRUPA SINGH RATHORE , they lived as a happy family , until Raj’s underworld enemies attacked them , raj left the underworld , coz he just wanted his family to be safe , this made his partner in underworld anger rose up , and he sent his henchmen to kill him and his family , but the men doesn’t notice the little girl and went of , she then remembered her parent’s words
” DON’T FORGET THAT YOU ARE THE DAUGHTER OF RATHORES , YOU ARE A LIONESS , A TIGRESS , A FEARLESS GIRL , A QUEEN , YOU HAVE TO FIGHT WITH EVIL , YOU HAVE TO STAY STRONG IN ANY SITUATION ” which made her strong , and she got up and took baby steps to go near them , she sat near them and bursted into tears , here the Police officers arrived , INSPECTOR RUDRA SINGH RATHORE , Yeah , he is the elder brother of raj , he never thought , there will be a day , he will deal his own brother’s murder case , he doesn’t have kids and his wife died after two years after their marriage in an accident , he saw the little girl sitting and crying , he took her in his arms and holded her near his chest , constables took their bodies , rudra then placed the little girl on the couch and went to a cliff ,
At the Cliff :-
He was wearing a towel around his neck , while wearing white clothes , there is no one , except a boy of 7 years , he is the elder brother of the little girl , ZAYN , rudra asked him to do the last rites , priest chanted some mantras , while zayn is holding a pot with water on his shoulder , which has a hole on a side , the water is creating a circle around the pyre of satrupa and raj , later , zayn ignited the fire to their pyre with pain in his eyes of losing them , later rudra and zayn went back to the mansion , they saw the little girl with a pale and blank face , swollen eyes , they sat beside her , the word she then asked next moment made both of them think   ‘How innocent she is ‘ ” will ma & pa wrien(written) buck (back ) ” she spoke with hopeful eyes and with a lump in throat ,her brother tried to console her , though he is only fighting with the pain of losing his parents , ” Baby girl , they are upset with us , so what they went , but they will come soon , when they will forgive us ” he somehow consoled her with his words and rudra continued , ” but you have to be mature enough and will not cry or miss them , then they will surely return back ” , by their words , she smiled a little , while they passed a fake smile , later she dozed off in the couch , holding a cushion , while her head is on zayn’s lap , and legs on rudra’s lap , later they both too dozed off sitting in the same position .


At LIFE LINE Hospital :-
It’s all Hustle bustle all around the hospital , there are soo many people in the hospital , some came to check on and visit their relatives or friends who are patients in the hospital , some people came for checkup , some are sugar patients in them , some are BP patients , some with some other health problems , some with their new born or some grown up kids , some are cancer patients and some are Pregnant in them , now leaving all this , the scene shifts to a ward , outside it there was a family some are tensed , some are praying for god , and kids in the family are excited , because……
Here , A man is constantly walking while sometimes gawking at the ward’s door , as it was closed , he is observing the patient inside it from the glass pane of the door , with a worried face , and fidgeting his fingers . Same goes with one more man , he is …….
Author : have some patience , will reveal later
They could hear painful cries and shouts from the ward room , which made both the men tensed more , just then they heard some cries and happy tears flowed down from both men’s eyes , the cries are of a baby oops , babies !! , And the kids from the family are happy because they will get new siblings and cousins !! , A female Doctor came out of the Labour room , and went near the two men with a wide smile and spoke
” Mr Vansh Raisinghania and Mr Deep Raisinghania , both mothers delivered their babies safely , both mom and baby duo are healthy , come to my cabin , I will prescribe some medicines and then you can take them home ” saying this the doctor left to her cabin . Here , without even wasting a half second , both VanDeep barge inside the ward,
And both their wives gave them angry glares , one of them , who is sitting on the bed in a relaxing way while a pillow is supporting her back to sit ,  holding her baby in her arms , whispered which is not audible to babies but them ” Don’t you both have sense ?? , Baby is sleeping , and you both even doesn’t cared for it ??,
Thank God , ki my baby doesn’t wake up , or else ?? ”
” Leave it na shivanya bhabhi , you know about them na , they are hell excited to meet their new born kiddos ” another women who is beside shivanya , spoke while her baby is in cradle , and she is sleeping on bed with weak and pale face with swollen eyes which is caused by the pain when delivering the baby . ” Oh god , what happened to my sweetheart ?? , Why is she soo pale with swollen eyes , as she doesn’t have sleep from soo many nights ?? ” vansh spoke while coming near his wife ,
Author : arey vansh , tume uski chinta mat karo , mein hun na , tum toh apna chinta kar lo , kyunki , teri sweetheart ki mood swings ki waje se tume zaroor neend nahi raha I think so , Am I Right ? Or Am I Right ?
” Vansh , don’t you know , that how much pain she has gone through being in labour ?? , As she is soo weak still she gave birth to your baby” shivanya said , while looking at riddima and him . ” Not baby indeed babies ” doctor Sushma , who delivered the babies , spoke . ” Could you explain doctor ” riddima spoke with confusion , while all family members came to see the new heirs of Raisinghania’s . ” Riddima , you delivered twins indeed , a girl and a boy ” doctor spoke ” then here is my prince , where is my princess ?? ” Riddima spoke with excitement , while doctor hung her head down , ” I am sorry to say Mrs Riddima , your other twin baby died “

Lifeline Hospital :-
”…e….a….g….ai……n… doc..tor”
Riddima spoke trying to digest the fact which she heared a few minutes ago , while all the family members are in horror to listen the painful truth
” Mrs Vansh Raisinghania …. I can understand your pain .. but I am really sorry for it ” DR.Sushma said
” Doctor , there are no complications in her pregnancy , nor she is weak to carry twins , then how could she have a miscarriage ?? ”
Shivanya said trying to reason out
” Point …. But we are too unaware of the problem Mrs Deep Raisinghania ”
Doctor said
” Vansh….. I want to go back home , complete the discharge formalities ”
Riddima said in a choked voice , everyone can understand her state , vansh nodded and left
At VR Mansion :-
The Newly become Parents with their new borns arrived home , while all the family members are standing in the entrance and dadi in the centre holding aarthi thaali to welcome the new heirs , riddima is walking when she felt herself in the air , she craned her neck to see vansh holding her , he took her till the entrance of the door , dadi does the aarthi to both the couples and welcomed them , vansh took her to their room , he kept the baby in the cradle and a boy came inside ,
” Sweetheart …. Could you give me permission to hold my little brother ”
A boy spoke while riddima smiled for his sweet gesture
” You don’t need to ask permission Rivan… You could ”
She said
” Vaise mumma… I thought you will give me a sister …. Who will care for me just like you …. And be as my second mother , but you gave me a naughty brother who started his antics already ” rivan spoke while tears flowed from her eyes
” Rives…. You go and play with him , mumma needs rest ” vansh spoke
” Of course … You look soo weak , take care maa ”
Saying so rivan left the room
Vansh thought to enlighten her mood and a naughty idea caught his mind , he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close towards him and she fell over him on the bed , they shared a eye-lock ,
” Sweetheart . .. don’t be sad , I can’t see you like that ”
She smiled and nodded ,
” Now give me a kiss ”
” What did you just say ?? ”
” Kiss ”
” No way ”
” Then be like this only , I will only give you “

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