Mysterious death of martial arts king Bruce Lee solved, big claim in research

There would be hardly any person in the world who is “Bruce Lee” Would not know about. In the 90s, the martial arts king and film actor Bruce Lee, who was called the superstar of the children of every household, died at the young age of 32. However, at the age of 32, this person has achieved that position in the world, which many spend their whole life to achieve.  

49 years ago when Bruce Lee died, at that time he was writing a new chapter of success in martial arts and acting. At the time of his death, he was busy with his Kung Fu school and shooting. When he died in the month of July in the year 1973, he was neither sick nor had any kind of problem. Suddenly his health deteriorated and he said goodbye to crores of fans and this world.

Bruce Lee’s death mystery solved

Many stories are famous about his sudden death. Some people believed that Bruce Lee was murdered by Chinese gangsters, while some believed that his ex-girlfriend was behind his death. It was said that Bruce Lee’s old girlfriend had poisoned him. One of the reasons for his death has also been believed to be heatstroke. Amidst all these rumours, the real cause of Bruce Lee’s death remained a mystery even after so many years, but now after 49 years it seems to be solved for the first time.

In fact, according to a recent research, scientists claimed that the cause of Bruce Lee’s death was not a disease, but his life was lost by drinking too much water. According to the study, his body had become a victim of hyponatremia due to drinking excessive amounts of water, taking certain medicines and drinking alcohol. In the condition of hyponatremia, due to increase in the amount of sodium in the body, its amount becomes unbalanced in the blood. 

Researchers argue that Bruce Lee used to take more liquid things in his diet and used to mix marijuana i.e. hemp in that liquid diet or protein diet. Due to marijuana, his thirst increased further and he used to consume more water. Apart from this, he also used to take alcohol and many types of pain killers, due to which his kidney was damaged. 

Liquid was taken in the diet

Bruce Lee used to take more liquid in his diet, it has also been mentioned in a book written on him. It has also been said in that book written on him that on the day he died, he was drinking water again and again. Apart from this, according to the report of the New York Post, Bruce Lee’s wife Linda Lee Caldwell also spoke about her in one of her interviews. "Carrot and Apple Juice" Told about the liquid diet of. 

It has been 49 years since Bruce Lee said goodbye to the world. But even after so many years of his death, his fame has not diminished. Even today when it comes to martial arts, Bruce Lee is definitely remembered.

Remembering him in the year 2013, an exhibition was started in Hong Kong’s HK Heritage Museum in his memory. This exhibition lasted for five years. During this, 600 things related to Bruce Lee were displayed. 

Documentary made in memory of father in 2012 

Bruce Lee’s daughter said in an interview to the BBC while releasing this documentary that, “My father was relentless in his ideas about being the perfect martial arts fighter, adding philosophy to it and teaching it. were.

Maybe some people even before him thought of mixing one or two styles of martial arts, but it was my father who really took it to the masses.”

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Why was Bruce Lee called the father of martial arts 

Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940 in the Chinese Hospital located in China-Town, San Francisco, China. He is called the most dangerous and best martial artist in history. But do you know why he chose to learn martial arts. Actually there is something to say behind it. 

Bruce Lee’s childhood was spent in Hong Kong. In his childhood, he used to beat other children while playing. Due to which his friends formed a group by mixing some friends and started beating Bruce Lee everyday.

After the training was over, he was sent to America for further studies. There Bruce Lee started teaching Kung Fu for the first time at the age of 18. He completed his university studies with the help of the money he used to get from Kung Fu. However, the Chinese people living there did not like his teaching kung-fu to the American people. The Chinese living in America said that it was a crime to teach martial arts to non-Chinese.

Wong defeated Jack-Mann 

Because Bruce Lee was teaching kung fu to non-Chinese, he was challenged by Wong Jack-Man, a well-known Chinese American fighter of that era. Bruce Lee also accepted his challenge and the fight started between the two. It is said that Bruce Lee’s speed was so fast that he  defeated Wong Jack-Mann in a minute and a half. 

Bruce Lee’s speed was estimated when during a fight in the year 1962, he gave 15 punches and a kick one after the other on his opponent. This feat was done by Bruce Lee in just 11 seconds.

It is said that his speed was so fast that while shooting a film, the shoot had to slow down 34 frames. So that the audience does not feel that Shashak, who is doing martial arts on screen, is only acting. 

Film career 

Bruce Lee had gained a lot of fame in his 32 years of life. As such, all his films were excellent, but the names of his special films are ‘The Good and the Ovious, The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of Dragon and Inter the Dragon’.  He acted in more than 20 films at the age of only 18. 

In an interview given to the BBC about Bruce Lee’s martial arts, his daughter Shannon says, "He developed his own separate art of martial arts in his life. They called it Jeet Kune Do.

He always considered himself a martial artist before actor or writer. He considered simplicity, simplicity and freedom paramount in his art. Freedom from the old and traditional ways was the basis of his art."

According to BBC, even after five decades of death, Bruce Lee’s name does a business of $ 5 million in a year. Although this amount may seem less in comparison to other stars of today’s era, but the person who has said goodbye to the world 49 years ago, is remembered even today, it is the biggest achievement of one’s life. 

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