Mythology: Prahlad’s everything was shattered after donating this one thing, this story of Indradev and Prahlad gives a big lesson

Mythology stories in hindi, Pauranik Kahaniya: Many mythological-religious beliefs and stories are associated with Hinduism. One of these is the story of devotion related to Devraj Indra and Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu. This story of Indra and Prahlad is very popular, but before knowing about this story, Devraj knows about Indra and Prahlad.

Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was known for his devotion, simple nature, asceticism and demonic attitude. On the other hand, Devraj Indra is called the king of gods but he is not worshiped because of the curse received from Gautam Rishi.

The Story of Prahlad and Indra – Characterization

According to this legend related to Asuraraj Prahlad and Devraj Indra, due to Prahlad’s devotion and simple nature, the gods decided to make him king. The deities gave Prahlad the place of Indra. Indra got angry as soon as he came to know about this. They approached Devguru Brihaspati and asked him how Prahlad got the kingdom of Tribhuvan (the kingdom of the three worlds) so easily. Guru Brihaspati told Indra that Prahlad had obtained this kingdom because of his Sheela (character).

Devraj Indra requested Guru Brihaspati and asked about the solution to regain his kingdom. Guru Brihaspati said that it is impossible to defeat Prahlad by force. If you want to defeat Prahlad, then he can be defeated only by his nature. Dev Brihaspati said to Indra, Prahlad’s nature is compassionate. For this reason no one ever returns empty handed from his door. You will also have to defeat him by his same nature. Guru Brihaspati disguised as a beggar asked Indra to ask Prahlad for modesty in alms.

According to Guru Brihaspati, Indra took the form of a beggar and reached Prahlad’s door. When Prahlad asked him to ask for something, Indra asked him for modesty. Prahlad smilingly said on this, you really want my modesty. Will your work be done by taking my modesty? Indra nodded in yes. Prahlad was known only because of his charitable nature. He donated his modesty to Indra, but as soon as he donated his modesty, everything was destroyed one by one.

One by one the beam of light emerged from Prahlad’s body and went into Indra’s body. First religion came out of Prahlad’s body, he said to Prahlad- ‘I am religion, what is my work without character.’ After this, bravery, truth, virtue, strength, splendor all went to Indra’s body one by one from Prahlad’s body. In the end, Rajshree came out of Prahlad’s body and said, I cannot live with you without all these. Prahlad’s everything was destroyed as soon as he donated modesty in this way.

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