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Vidhi pushes Arjun as he hugs her cordially thanking her for showing his desk. Arjun is shocked. All the employees look at them. Rishabh says Vidhi’s push. Arjun asks Vidhi why did she push him? Vidhi says how can you hug me? Arjun says hug is common in UK, we hug even the stranger. Anaya says if he had hugged me then I wouldn’t have mind. Vidhi says this is India, we don’t need to hug if we work together. She says sorry that you are hurt. Dev comes there and says he wants to talk about work. He tells that Vidhi proposes a good idea, she had told that we shall give 1 hour extra one month prior or one month later, and sometimes shall come on Saturdays too, so that work don’t get effected. He asks who likes this idea? Everyone raises their hands. Vidhi also raises her hand and then keeps it down, thinking she will agree to please Dev. Dev says you have raised your hand and asks why she kept it down. Vidhi says everyone has right to take decision, we have democracy in our country. Dev asks who is with Vidhi? Arjun raises his hand and then keeps it down, to tease her. Dev tells Vidhi that her proposal is successful, she had lost in democracy. Vidhi claps. Arjun coughs. Vidhi says sorry Sir. Dev asks her to go home, as she is behaving strange. Vidhi says there is a big problem. Sangeeta calls Arjun and says Yogesh Sir is calling you. Arjun goes. Sangeeta comes to Vidhi. Vidhi says I don’t agree to dev sir’s sayings to please him. Sangeeta says you have desperate to prove that you are right and rejected your own idea. Vidhi goes back to work.

Arjun asks Yogesh and Kanika that Vidhi is strange. Kanika says Dev doesn’t listen to us about Vidhi. yogesh says she is messing up with the accounts and blame the employees. Kanika asks him to distract Vidhi and until they check
the accounts. Arjun refuses. Kanika emotionally blackmails him. Arjun says he will do something, but with his way.

Bimla tells Laali that Vidhi’s words strike her mind. Laali tells her that she saw Vidhi sitting in front of Milapni Devi, at 4 am in the night. She asks did you talk to her, and asked if she is in love? Bimla says Vidhi can’t fall in love, I trust her. Vidhi recalls Bimla’s words. She recalls Amba and Sangeeta’s words, thinks if this is love which I feel for Dev Sir. She thinks if Sangeeta di was right. She sees Dev coming out of his cabin and going from there. She smiles and tells herself that it is not love.

Priya brings the saree for Satyavati and says she has brought saree for her. Satyavati asks her to tell straight what she wants to say. Priya says today she met Amba and after meeting her, she understood clearly that no just the environment of the house suffer, but also the health of the family. She says she has to be happy with what she has and this saree is the gift for the change in her. She asks her to accept the saree. Satyavati thanks her. Priya goes. Abhimanyu says this goodness is can’t digestible. Dev comes home. Satyavati asks how was your meeting with Amba? Dev asks why did you lie to me? Satyavati says she wants him to move on in life and happiness. Dev says I don’t want to marry until everything becomes fine. Priya asks them to come and have food, and requests them that they will have one meal together atleast. Dev asks if she said, or I am imagining. Abhimanyu says yes. Dev says I will go and freshen up, then tell me about her change. Satyavati thinks that Amba influenced Priya to become good, and thinks the former has feelings for Dev.

Vidhi thinks of seeing Dev in the office and tells Milapni Devi that she just respects him, there is nothing. She asks Milapni Devi to handle her heart and mind, so that it doesn’t run here and there. Bimla checks Vidhii’s tiffin and says she brought it all. She asks Vidhi what is her trouble? Vidhi says no. Bimla says you also run to Maiyya like your father, but don’t tell your mother. Vidhi says nothing. Hariprasad asks if she has decided to do MBA. Vidhi says I want to do MBA. Bimla says Vidhi can’t refuse Dev Sir. Vidhi says I just want to do, don’t want it to do it on Dev sir’s insistence. Bimla says Dev Sir had given you form. Seema asks why you are strange. Vidhi says no.

Later in the night, Vidhi thinks about Dev and tells herself that he is just Sir, and she just likes him, nothing more. Hariprasad tells Bimla that Dev got strength to do MBA. Bimla asks him to search alliance for Vidhi, and tells him about Laali’s words. Hariprasad says he will search alliance for Vidhi and tells that she is different from others, she can never take the wrong step and can’t be blinded in love that she don’t see her father’s face with pride.

Precap: Vidhi sees the accounts missing. Arjun asks Kanika and Yogesh to give the accounts file. Vidhi tells Dev that something was missing in the manufacturing unit accounts.

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