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The Episode starts with Vidhi telling Satyavati that their marriage will happen only when she blesses them, else this marriage will not happen. Satyavati makes them have sweets and says she is very happy that her son got life partner like Vidhi and it is her good destiny that she got bahu like her. She says she became selfish for sometime, who was seeing her son who wanted to drown himself in pain all life. Vidhi says we both wanted his happiness so you are not selfish. Satyavati asks Bimla to do haldi kumkum. Bimla applies tilak to them. Satyavati says they shall get them married soon. Hariprasad says he will get his daughter’s marriage grand. Vidhi hugs Hariprasad.

Hariprasad tells Bimla that they will manage and asks her not to tell Vidhi. Bimla says we have just silver coin to give to Dev. Vidhi wakes up recalling Amba’s curse and shouts. Bimla comes there. Vidhi asks if Amba’s curse will come true. Bimla says curse will not be fruitful as it is of crow to the cow. She asks her not to worry. Abhimanyu and Satyavati come to Dev’s room and dance, asking him to wear casual clothes. Bimla shows the dress to Vidhi. Vidhi says it is good. Seema says now you will get Dev Raichand’s name. Bimla is happy to see her happy. Seema says your marriage will happen in bollywood style. Vidhi says Dev Sir wants simplicity and even me. Satyavati checks Sherwani on Dev and says he is looking good. Dev is worried and asks about Chitra. Satyavati says she will convince Chitra to come for his wedding.

Hariprasad, Bimla and Vidhi come to Dev’s house. The Staff members and the Raichands throw flower petals on them. Satyavati takes off bad sight from her. Dev showers flower petals on Vidhi.

Amba wipes her lipstick and says dev and vidhi have humiliated me enough, now it is the time to smash their happiness. She says you saw my love, now see the destruction.

Satyavati tells Hariprasad that the pandit ji is their family pandit. Abhi calls Vidhi as Vidhi ji. Satyavati tells about the ritual. Pandit ji asks her to give shagun to her would be bahu. Satyavati covers bridal dupatta on her head and gives her bangles as shagun. She blesses her and says Saubhagyavati bhawa. Pandit ji asks the bride’s parents to come and bless the groom. Bimla gets worried to give the silver coin to Dev. Satyavati tells her that it is very precious for them, as their blessings are in it. Bimla does Dev’s aarti while Hariprasad gives him silver coin as shagun. Abhi smiles. Satyavati asks him to call Priya.

Amba is at the news channel. The reporter asks if she is ready. Amba nods yes. Pandit ji takes out the mahurat for engagement and marriage, and blesses them. Abhi goes to Priya and says Dev Bhai’s roka is happening, why you didn’t think. Priya gets a message. She asks Abhi to see TV that Amba will expose Raichand. He goes. Priya says Amba is her inspiration, too good.

Satyavati makes Dev and Vidhi have sweets, then she gives sweets to Bimla. Abhimanyu comes out and tells that something bad is going to happen. He switches on the tv channel, in which the reporter tells that they will expose Dev Raichand, tells that his ex fiancé will tell everything to us. Amba says she never lost her respect, today she will unveil mask from Dev’s face. She challenges Dev to come infront of her and face her questions, else accept that he is a betrayal guy. Abhimanyu says how can Amba do this? Dev says she is like this only. Satyavati says we have to stop her and tells Hariprasad and Bimla, that they have to go. Dev tells them that Amba is lying and she can’t harm him with her lies. They leaves.

The reporter says Dev has discriminated her mentally and brought her near depression. Dev, Satyavati and Abhi come there.

Precap: Amba says she wanted dignity back. She asks Dev why did he give hint to her that he loves her, and why did he get his sister’s marriage done at his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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