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The Episode satrts with Naagraj takshak welcoming Pratha in the temple and calls her Shesh Naagin. Pratha asks if he came in her daughter’s dream and says my daughter will not become Shesh Naagin. Takshak talks about Pratha’s Nani. Pratha says I want to say that my daughter will not become Shesh Naagin and asks him not to come in her daughter’s dream. He says even you don’t want to become Shesh Naagin, but you became. He says if your daughter comes here then she will become Shesh Naagin. Pratha tells that she has prayed to Mahadev and knows that he will not refuse her prayers. She folds her hand and asks Takshak not to come in her daughter’s dreams. She says even if all the universe calls her, then also my daughter will not come back.Takshak says nobody can stop what is written. Pratha goes. Takshak says a new story is about to begin and tells that the new Shesh Naagin will come here.

Professor Jeet asks Prarthana asks why did she go for interview today. Prarthana tells that she wants to get job in this new channel as they present true news. Rudra is standing at a stall and talking to someone about the Minister’s death due to locust attack. Prarthana gets down from the auto and gives her umbrella to the kids standing there, as it is raining heavily. Rudra looks at her and smiles. Song plays….He also gives umbrella to the kids and gets inside the office. Nevla comes to Prarthana seeing her. Prarthana kicks it and it dies. The reporter Vivek tells Prarthana that Nevla ran to her as if she is its enemy. Prarthana says she didn’t do this before. The Snake charmer gets down the car and tells that she was not an ordinary girl, but a Naagin. Reporter Vivek tries to convince his superior about the Nevla and the girl story.

Rudra is in the office to take interview. He asks Akansha to refuse the candidates for interview. Akansha comes out and tells that today Sir can’t take interview, as he is busy today. A girl tells that she will wait here as she can’t come tomorrow. Prarthana hears her. Vivek comes to Rudra and tries to convince him to take snake charmer’s interview. Rudra says ok. Prarthana shouts at Akansha and asks how can your boss cancel the interview. She says 20 candidates have come hee for interview from small cities and says its not ok to cancel the interview. Rudra comes out and looks at her. He tells Prarthana that her face resembles someone. He asks all the candidates to stay back, as he will take their interview.

Snake Charmer tells Rudra that today is the night of red moon, Shesh Naagin’s daughter will become Shesh daughter today. He says my flute is powerful and today it will catch the Shesh Naagin. Rudra asks Vivek to do the set up of interview.

Anmol tells that she wants to go and meet Rudra. Rishabh says he is not picking the call, but she wants to meet him. Pratha says we shall also go and propose alliance of Rudra and Anmol’s marriage. Rishabh refuses. Pratha says she has talked to Rudra’s mother and she said that she will convince Rudra for marriage. Rishabh agrees. Anmol hugs him. Pratha thinks to give normal life to her daughter.

Snake Charmer tells that today is the day of red moon and Shesh Naagin’s daughter will become Shesh Naagin today. Rudra doesn’t believe him and says people like you spread superstition. Prarthana hears him taking the interview and tells the girl that she needs job, but you need it more than me. She gives her best wishes and is about to leave. Jeet calls her on the reception. Prarthana takes the call and tells that she is returning home. Jeet says why? Prarthana says she is returning home, as she don’t want to do job here.

Rishabh, Pratha and Anmol come to Rudra’s office. They get inside the office. Prarthana asks the employee to give the mobile. The employee refuses, saying she can’t do outside until the interview is happening. Rudra doesn’t believe on the snake charmer’s words and says it is superstition and not the real story. The snake charmer tells that he can feel the naagin here, and plays the flute. Pratha struggles and tries hard not to come in naagin avatar. The girl asks Prarthana if she is fine. Prarthana says she is feeling strange. She also gets scaly skin etc. The snake charmer tells Rudra that the naagin will come here. Rudra stops him and asks Vivek and others to throw him out.

Rudra comes out and meets Anmol and her family. Pratha invites him to to their house for dinnr. Rudra tells that he met that girl again, who resembles her and says he will make her meet her. Anmol asks her to leave her and catch her. The security guard pushes the snake charmer out. The snake charmer tells that he is Maha Sapera and is badly insulted. He says his words will not go waste, and that Shesh Naagin will come today, as the red moon will appear. He goes out and steps on the wire and it breaks. He goes out. The girl comes out to talk to her mother. Pratha sees her talking on the phone and thinks how to save her. She says I can’t take my naagin avatar. The snake charmer looks at her from outside and says Shesh Naagin. He says come in your real avatar and save the girl. The wooden logs falls down. Pratha asks the girl to stop and tries to see her. Prarthana comes there and sees Neha stuck in the fire. The snake Charmer sees both Pratha and Prarthana faces, and gets shocked. Pratha and Prarthana both try to see Neha, without seeing each other. Prarthana hugs Neha. The snake Charmer is stunned and thinks both of them resemble each other. He says my prediction was right, today she will become Shesh Naagin and I will catch her. Neha thanks Prarthana for saving her. Prarthana says that lady saved you, holding the rod. Pratha wonders who was the girl? Rudra comes out and checks Pratha’s hand, says get it first aid. He finds the injuries vanishing. Neha also sees the injuries vanishing from Prarthana’s hand. He comes to Prarthana and appreciates her for sacrificing her job for Neha and then saving her.

Rishabh tells Anmol that they shall not wait for Rudra. Anmol says he went out due to the short circuit. Pratha comes there. Rishabh tells Pratha that Rudra is not interested in marriage and asks shall I go and call him. Pratha asks him to talk to him for marriage.

Rudra comes there. Rishabh asks Rudra why did he call Anmol late at night. Rudra says I called for some work. Rishabh asks what was the work. Rudra says I…I. Rishabh asks why are you talking like lamb. Pratha asks him to leave Rudra and invites Rudra and his mother for dinner. Anmol asks Rudra to pick her call when she calls.

The snake charmer comes to the cave and tells his other snake charmers that today he saw the Shesh Naagin and her daughter. He says her daughter will become Shesh Naagin today and tells that they will snatch Naagmani from her. He asks them to bring the special flute of their Guru.

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