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The Episode starts with Pratha getting her grand mother’s bangles from near the pyre. She thinks she had given this to that little girl, but it returned to me, if this is a sign for something. Mahek breaks the photo frames and tells that she has killed Pratha and her baby. She thinks her baby would have become shesh naagin if alive. She says I had given poison to jailer, who made pratha drink it in jail. Pratha comes and hears her. She recalls Jailer giving her poison in a milk or juice. Mahek says before Pratha could give birth to her baby, I have killed her baby and her upcoming baby and family. Pratha is shocked and walks inside the temple. Mahek says now you can’t do anything Nani, you didn’t make me shesh nani, and you had left even Urvshi. She says now Urvashi Maasi and I will rule on this world. She says I am shesh Naagin and nobody can take my powers from me. She says I will burn everything. She spits fire and burns the photo frames. Pratha runs towards Mahek to stop her. Snakes surround Pratha. Pratha asks Shiv ji, how did he let this happen, and says I am not shesh naagin or its powers, I couldn’t fight with this shesh naagin. Mahek laughs. She doesn’t see Pratha. Pratha runs out of the temple and comes to the burning pyre. She recalls Mahek’s words that she will never find out the truth. Pratha shouts and says she had witnessed all the three loks and had sacrificed her powers to stay with her love, but she lost her love. She says everything slipped off from my hands, my hands slipped and I went to jail. She says now she came to know that her baby was murdered and you are Mahadev, how did you let this happen. She asks how did you let evil win, and left truth. She says you had chosen me as Shesh Naagin and gave me an aim, which I fulfilled. She says now nothing can be changed, and I will take back my shesh naagin powers, and swears on Shiv ji not to leave her baby’s murderer. She says you have to return my shesh naagin powers, else you are not my Shiv and I am not your Shiv vardaani. She announces infront of the Universe, that she will return with Shesh Naagin powers, she will return as Shesh Naagin, Naagin of Naagins.

Rishabh is doing work on his laptop. Mahek wakes up and sees him. She goes to him. He asks when did you come? She says in the night itself. He says he has important meeting with the client and want to crack the deal. Mahek says you was not like this, when Pratha. She asks how much money, you will earn. Rishabh says I will earn so much money, which even my Dad haven’t earned. Mahek asks why your eyes are red, since how many hours you haven’t sleep. He is about to go. Mahek asks him to go carefully, and says there is a storm outside. He says he has fought with many storms and still standing infront of her, says this storm can’t harm me. Urvashi tells Mahek that let Rishabh go, we have a big plan. She says today a truck is coming and it will reach country’s boundary. She says you have become shesh naagin, and you will help us, if anything happens to us, then you will save us. Mahek says ofcourse and asks her to tell the plan. She says she couldn’t bring drugs in the country, but now she will do. She says she will make her meet her partner, and says he will be happy to meet her. She says we have to reach there by night. They leave.

Pratha comes to the temple and rings the bells. Farishta comes there and asks who is here? He sees Pratha and gets surprised. She asks if you are surprised to see me. Farishta says I knew that you couldn’t die. Pratha says you have made Mahek as Shesh Naagin and gave her boon of three worlds. He says it is destiny. She says I want Shesh Naagin position, power and avatars and says my destiny is written by Mahadev. She says make me shesh naagin again. Farishta says now nothing can be done. Pratha says I didn’t do anything, Mahek has done wrong with me. She asks him to tell the solution. He says he has a solution, but it is impossible. He says shesh naagin can get the powers if the new shesh naagin wants to return her powers to you. She says she shall say this three times, and then the Mani will come from her navel and will go to your navel. He says why Mahek will say this. Pratha says she will say this, as my Nani, Mahadev and destiny had chosen me. She says she wants to become shesh naagin to take revenge for her dead body, who was murdered. She swears on Mahadev, that this mother will take revenge for her child’s death. She says this mother will be shesh naagin.

Urvashi and Mahek are in the car. Urvashi tells about her partner who stays in Jingistan and hatesour country. She says he will destroy our country and he will do this, he is my partner. She tells about his son. The partner calls his son and he tells that he is in London. He says he has to go alone then and says our partner is going to meet us. Mahek and Urvashi see the Police stopping the drugs truck. MAhek says I will do something. She gets down from the car and becomes Naagin. She goes to the tempo rooftop and becomes snake. The Police is about to see the drugs, but Mahek as snake hits them. They get afraid. Mahek and Urvashi come to the checkpost and hits the soldiers there. Urvashi and her partner meet each other there. He says my son couldn’t come, so I have to come alone. He says my father was Hindustani and my mother was jingistani. Urvashi says she is with his mission for money. He says he wants a big land for his work. Urvashi says you will get it. He says exporting the drugs might be dangerous, so they shall have the factory. She shakes hand with him and says very soon Jingisthan will destroy this country.

The ladies of the house see the jewellery on the table. Rishabh says it is for their clients, who is coming with their families. He says he wants to take all flyovers contract. Mahek asks you don’t used to do this when you was army office. He says he is changed. Servant comes and says baby is missing. Reem asks him to search her. Urvashi and Reem find her near the corridor, which is constantly knocked by someone.

Farishta calls Mahek to the Kailash Parvat and tells that it will be attacked by the animal, and she has to fight with the bear taking human’s avatar. Mahek says who will save me? Farishta says you have to save the country and says even Pratha has fought with many asurs when she was shesh naagin. Mahek tells Urvashi about whatever Farishta had said. Urvashi says you are Shesh Naagin, will fight with him and will win also.

Rishabh and Mahek are going and give lift to the lady who has rescued Pratha. She says I am an astrologer. Mahek asks her to tell what is in her destiny? The lady says your death in few hours, the 72 hours are very difficult for you and then everything will be fine. Mahek says I don’t believe you and asks her to get down the car. Rishabh asks what happened to you suddenly. The lady gets down and looks on. Mahek gets scared. Rishabh says nothing will happen to you. He stops the car and tells that he will be back.

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