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The Episode starts with Urvashi telling Reem that she don’t understand why her partner wants his land. She asks her to call mahek. Mahek picks the call. Urvashi says Mr. Singh is not picking the call. Mahek ends the call seeing Rishabh coming back to car. Rishabh tells Mahek that they are going to uttarakhand to invite Mr. Singh. She asks his full name. Rishabh says Rajesh Pratap Singh.. Urvashi says Mahek might have got some info from him. She says his name is Rajesh Pratap Singh. Mahek thinks if he is the same Singh. Inspector tells Rishabh that the way is closed. Mahek says lets return. Rishabh says we shall take other way. She thinks to meet him and thinks if he is the same Rajesh Pratap Singh. He plays the news and hears about the strange animal in the valleys. The reporter says yeti is seen many times in Nepal, but in India it is never seen. He says yeti comes when he wants to search someone. He says if yeti is here, then Indian army will be called. His next target might be Uttarakhand. Yeti is seen walking on the road, a couple gets scared and runs. Mahek says we shall return. Rishabh says army is coming to fight with him, and don’t know if yeti is there or not. He says this deal is very important for me, I have to invite my client. Mahek says I am very scared. Rishabh says you are scared as if yeti is behind you. They get down the car and comes to Mr. Singh’s house. She asks about his name. Rishabh says Rajesh Pratap Singh. He says he gets international contracts. Mahek thinks to ask Mr. Singh about the land, which Zang wants. A Servant comes there and tells Mr. Singh left for important work to Mumbai. He says he gave letter for you. Rishabh reads it and says we came to invite him. Servant asks them to stay here tonight and leave in the morning, and says yeti is roaming outside. Mahek says we shall stay here Rishabh. Rishabh says I am not scared of yeti, travelling is not safe in night. The Servant takes them to room. Mahek closes the door and the windows. Rishabh says yeti will not come here and asks her to rest. He rests on the couch. Mahek rests on the bed.

She wakes up hearing the wind storm and finds Rishabh missing. She cries seeing the things falling on the ground. Yeti makes a sound and roars. Mahek thinks it seems yeti came. She comes out of the house. Yeti roars and attacks Mahek, holding her neck. Mahek becomes snake and falls down. Yeti roars again. Mahek spits fire, but Yeti is unaffected and hits her. He then grabs her neck and kills her.

Mahek wakes up and thinks it was a bad dream. I thought Yeti came in reality. She sees Rishabh sleeping, opens the window and looks outside. She sees Yeti’s reflection and comes out of the house. Yeti jumps near her and walks towards her. She shouts and moves back. She becomes snake and surrounds Yeti, but he pushes and throws her on the floor. She thinks she has to waken up her Mani powers and starts praying. Yeti holds her by her neck. She says I know that you came for Shesh Naagin, I am not Shesh Naagin. She says it three times. The Mani comes out from her stomach and falls on the ground. Mahek says I am not Shesh Naagin, but an ordinary Naagin, asks him to leave her and go. Yeti leaves her and goes. Mahek takes the Mani and puts it inside her Navel. She says today was saved anyhow, Yeti has gone.

Pratha goes to Yeti on the mountain and says you was searching Shesh naagin, I am the Shesh Naagin, Naagin of Naagins. Yeti walks towards her. He sits down near her and spits wind. He says I know who are you, and says you became Yeti intentionally so that Mahek says it three times that she is not Shesh Naagin and she said and she is no longer Shesh Naagin. She says Shesh Naag had said that I have to read the next chapter, but you have turned the page, as the aim giving to me was not yet completed. She thanks Shesh Naag and the Farishta who took Yeti’s avatar to scare Mahek. Farishta has taken the disguise of Yeti and goes. Pratha says I have Naagmani in my navel. She recalls taking the Naagmani when Mahek says it thrice that she is not Shesh Naagin. A fb is shown, she takes the mani when it falls and replaces it with fake mani.

The jailer gets down from her car and asks the fruit seller to pack 2 kg each. She then refuses to give money. The fruit seller pleads her to give money as her daughter is unwell. The jailer refuses and goes. Pratha comes there and gives money to the fruit seller, says she is also a mother and knows how it feels when someone loses their child.

The jailer is going in the car. Pratha is walking infront of the car. The jailer asks if she didn’t hear the horn and says she will rammed her under the tyre. She gets down the car and asks where did you go? She sits in the car and sees Pratha standing outside. She shouts and says you was hanged, then how did you come alive? She asks who are you? Pratha takes Naagin’s avatar and says I am Naagin of Naagins, Shesh Naagin. The jailer tries to run away and asks her to leave her. Pratha says I will take revenge from everyone, who killed my child. She says you have insulted this law uniform too. She asks how can you agree to kill my woman, being a woman. She leaves her. The Jailer runs and sits in her car. Pratha spits fire and burns the car to kill Jailer. The jailer screams. Pratha walks away from there.

Rishabh and Mahek are in the car on their return. Rishabh sees someone walking on the road and rings the horn. She is Pratha. Rishabh rings the horn and thinks why is she walking on the way. Mahek is sleeping. Rishabh stops the car as it is out of control. Mahek wakes up and asks what happened? Rishabh says some girl came infront of the car. Mahek thinks if Yeti came in the girl’s disguise, and thinks thankfully she has Mani with her.

Pratha is in the temple and recalls Mahek telling that everyone thinks of her as the murderer and that’s why her punishment is just one, death punishment. She recalls seeing Rishabh’s betrayal and marrying Mahek. She keeps her Nani’s anklet infront of Nani’s photo frame. She recalls Mahek telling that she used Jailer to kill Pratha’s child. Naagin song plays….She recalls seeing Rishabh and his brothers doing wrong with her. She recalls her death execution etc. Mahek sees the storm and tries to close the window. Urvashi comes and they close the window.

Pratha says my baby was murdered, please show my baby’s murderer’s faces. She sees Mahek, Rishabh and his brother’s pic. She says I will kill all my enemies, and says this is Shesh Naagin’s promise, a mother’s anger, a woman’s jwala etc. Mahek says don’t know what will happen. Urvashi says her partner will kill them and says what is the use of you being shesh naagin. Pratha tells that she was punished big and her baby is murdered. She swears on Devi Devtas, all the universe, moon, sun, Shivji etc. She says I will punish all the sinner, whoever has killed my baby, I will not leave them and will take revenge for my baby. She says until I reached my revenge, this universe and everything can’t stop me. She applies ashes on her forehead and takes the trishul in her hand. She says tonight, all the sinisters shall sleep peacefully, but not from tomorrow. Nageshwaraya plays…..

Chanda looks at Pratha’s photo frame and says if anyone remembers or not in this house, but I remember that today is your birthday. She lights diyas infront of the pic and says happy birthday. The lady and other ladies think today is Pratha’s birthday. The little girl says I will call her and comes out. The goons look at her, thinks to kidnap her, so that her sister comes searching her. Chanda hears someone knocking on the door and making sound and thinks whose voice is this? She comes to the room following the knocking sound and tries to hear. She comes near.

The girl screams for help. All the ladies come out and see the girl captured by the goons. They try to beat them to rescue the girl, but the goons tie them. They wait for the girl’s sister to come. Pratha comes there. They ask who is she? The goon says come in our embrace. Pratha asks them to leave the girl and says I have come for you. She sends the girl to her mother. She comes near the goon and hugs him. She becomes Naagin. The goon pushes her and says I thought as if I saw Naagin. She says this is the problem of men. She looks at them with her eyes color changed. They get shocked to see her turning into Naagin, and then half Naagin. Naagin song plays…..

Precap: Reem goes to the locked door and opens it. Pratha fights with someone. Reem sees a guy there. Urvashi says a new story started. Pratha says she is coming to take revenge for her murdered baby. She walks in a glam avatar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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