NAFIS software became a boon for the police, opens the horoscope of crimes with fingerprints

Jabalpur News: In this world the faces of people can match, but the lines on the hands can never be the same. These lines help in identifying the person and now through these lines the police is getting success in reaching the criminals. The real identity of the vicious criminal who killed his girlfriend at Jabalpur’s Mekhla resort was also established from the lines of his hand.

According to Jabalpur IG Umesh Joga, by using technology, the police has collected such a data of criminals from all over the country, through which no criminal can escape from the eyes of the police. National Automated Fingerprint Identification System ie NAFIS has become a boon for the police and a bane for criminals.

Mekhla resort case accused caught with the help of Nefis software
It is said that no matter how vicious the criminal is, he cannot escape from the eyes of the law. The real identity of absconding accused Abhijeet alias Hemant Bhadane after killing his girlfriend at Mekhla resort in Jabalpur was established by the police with the help of this Nefis software. When the police entered the fingerprints found at the crime scene into the NEFIS software, it was found that the killer who stopped at the Jabalpur resort by giving Abhijeet Patidar’s ID was actually Nashik’s vicious vehicle thief and thug Hemant Bhadane.

SP Siddharth Bahuguna says that through this software the police can now easily identify any person on the basis of his criminal background. Jabalpur Police has recently solved many unsolved cases easily through software. With the help of this software, the complete horoscope of the criminal opens on one click.

Jabalpur is the first zone to get success from Nefis software
The Nefis software has records of criminals of the whole country, but with the fingerprints of about one lakh criminals, small and big, of Jabalpur zone. All the data has been uploaded. In these, about 30 thousand criminals of Jabalpur are also included. Police officials claim that Jabalpur has become the first zone in the whole country, which has solved cases involving unknown accused of looting crores of rupees in ATMs and jewelery shops, including resort murder cases, through NEFIS in the first phase of testing.

To sum up, no matter how clever the criminal is, now he will not be able to escape from the clutches of the police. Once the crime is committed, his complete horoscope will be with the police. After this, he may go to any corner of the country, even if he commits the crime by concealing his identity, he will be caught. 

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