Nalanda’s Kapildev got Padma Shri, coming from a very ordinary family, got recognition from fifty-two herbal arts

Nalanda: International tourist destination Nalanda has created a distinct identity for itself in the whole country and abroad. After one year, Nalanda has received the second Padma Shri award (Padma Shree Award 2023). Weaver Kapildev Prasad, a resident of Baswan Bigha village, three kilometers away from Bihar Sharif headquarters, has received the Padma Shri award. Last year, Acharya Chandana ji, the Veerayatan head of Rajgir, had received this honour.

Kapildev comes from a modest family

Kapildev Prasad has received this honor for the work being done for the weavers and for giving recognition to Bawan Booti art at the national level. He has kept this art alive. On the other hand, there is a wave of happiness in the village on receiving the Padma Shri award. Various kinds of discussions are going on. Kapildev Prasad comes from a very ordinary family. The people of the village as well as the people around have been shocked by a person like him getting the Padma Shri. Although everyone is happy and praising him a lot.

What is Baavan Booti

Let us inform that 31 weavers of the country were selected for the National Award for making beautiful artwork in the handloom competition organized in the year 2017. Kapildev Prasad of Nalanda was also included in these. This is an exclusive hand crafted saree. Handcrafted on simple cotton and tasar cloth, this saree is known for its excellence. There are 52 identical motifs in the entire saree, due to which it is called Baavan Booti.  This saree also has a glimpse of Buddhist culture.  Besides the sarees adorned with fifty-two herbs, chadars, shawls, handkerchiefs, curtains, etc. are also made. Apart from Kapil Dev Prasad, Anand Kumar and Subhadra Devi have also been awarded Padma Shri. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also given congratulations and best wishes to all.

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