‘Nanamadol’ storm can hit Japan anytime, there is a possibility of major damage, alert issued

Nanmadol In Japan: Strong storm ‘Nanmadol’ is disrupting transport services in southwestern Japan. According to media reports, weather officials have issued an emergency warning for strong winds, high and stormy waves for Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern Japan. He said that a powerful storm could trigger a disaster that is seen only once in a few decades.

Wings of up to 180 kilometers per hour maximum, say the officials. and will collide with southern Kyushu as well as the Amami Islands. While hitting the coast, this speed can be up to 252 kilometers per hour. Southern Kyushu may receive 600 mm of rain by Monday morning. 

The storm will move to the northeast

The agency also warned It is believed that since the storm is large, rain and winds can intensify even in areas far away from it. Heavy rain is expected in parts of western and eastern Japan from Monday. According to public broadcaster NHK-World Japan, the storm will move northeast and pass through Japan’s main island of Honshu by Tuesday.

Evacuation ordered 

About two million (2 million) people have been ordered to evacuate in southwestern Japan ahead of a powerful storm forecast to hit the region on Sunday. As of 11 a.m., Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways had canceled more than 500 flights for the day. Japan Airlines plans to cancel 376 flights and All Nippon Airways will cut 19. Other airlines are also canceling services from Monday.

Bullet train service also affected

Bullet train service is also affected. As reported by NHK, as of 1:30 pm, the operator of the Kyushu Shinkansen has suspended all services for Sundays and Mondays. The storm is expected to hit southern Kyushu, one of Japan’s southwest islands, particularly within Kagoshima Prefecture.

Evacuations were urged


Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMA) said, "It is likely that heavy rain will be recorded and an emergency heavy rain warning will be announced." Ryuta Kurora, a JMA official, warned on Saturday that strong winds could cause houses to collapse. Kurora urged residents to evacuate before the storm hits to avoid the risk of landslides and flooding.

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