Nancy Pelosi roared in Japan – America will not allow China to isolate Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit Row: American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also responding to China’s anger with her sharp statements. Nancy Pelosi, who arrived in Japan during her Asia visit, held a press conference. In the press conference, Nancy Pelosi said that America will not allow China to isolate Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi said, “China is probably attacking on the pretext of our visit. China has tried to isolate Taiwan from the world community. His participation in the World Health Agency was also stopped. China can try to prevent Taiwan from travel and participation elsewhere, but it cannot isolate Taiwan by blocking our travels. We will not allow him to not isolate Taiwan.”

Nancy Pelosi said, “With Taiwan is one of our strongest relations. The US Parliament has overwhelming support for peace and the status quo in Taiwan.” US House Speaker Pelosi said, “We have been saying from the beginning that our presence here (in Taiwan) should not change our policy on Asia. It’s not about changes in policy with Taiwan, it’s about Taiwan relations law, US-China policy and all kinds of agreements we have with China to restore peace in Taiwan.”

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