Narendra Kashyap’s sarcasm on Swami Prasad Maurya’s statement, said – who is ready to see Ram’s temple…

Ramcharitmanas Controversy: After Swami Prasad Maurya’s statement on Ramcharitmanas, Backward Classes Welfare Minister and BJP OBC Morcha State President Narendra Kashyap has reacted . He said that no leader in the country has the right to question any religious text. The way the SP leader commented on Ramcharitmanas in a wrong way, it is condemnable. This is the same socialist who fired at the devotees of Ram and puts a question mark on the existence of Ram. He said that the public knows them, that is why they express their reaction from time to time.

The BJP leader said that try raising such questions on any other religion or scripture, everyone knows what happens in the country and state. He said that how will the Samajwadi Party react, the party which has fired at the devotees of Ram and then boasted that we have done this. He said that those who are not ready to see Ram’s temple, they will react to those who use such words on Ramayana Ramcharitmanas, it seems unlikely. The people of the country, the majority are watching this, they will surely get an answer in the coming time.

Minister Narendra Kashyap said that everyone knows about Swami Prasad Maurya that when he joined SP, everyone has heard his statements. He used to say big things that he would win 400 seats and he had to lose his seat. From this it can be guessed that which party he will increase and who will decrease, what will save the party who cannot save his own seat.

Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya had objected to Ramcharitmanas couplets and couplets. Maurya had said that Dalits, backward people and women were insulted in these couplets under the guise of religion. Along with this, he had talked about removing these cattle from Ramchiratmanas.

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