Naresh Tikait raised questions on taking away voting rights from Azam Khan, said- this is an act of revenge

Muzaffarnagar News: Naresh Tikait, National President of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Bhartiya Kisan Union) in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, came to the court on appearance in the Jagbir murder case. During this, he attacked for taking away the voting rights of SP leader Azam Khan. Talking to reporters, he said that he is working with a sense of revenge. The right to vote is a constitutional right, if it is denied then what can be a bigger dictatorship than this.

Bhakiyu President Chaudhary Naresh Tikait termed the taking away of Azam Khan’s voting rights as an abominable step of the BJP. Naresh Tikait said that if the voting rights of MLA Azam Khan can be abolished, then why not MLA Vikram Saini. Tikait termed it as a one-sided action of the BJP and said that if there is a BJP flag on someone’s car or a BJP flag at someone’s house, then everything is there for him but nothing for anyone else. 

Demand to conduct elections honestly in Khatauli
Naresh Tikait said that the administration should conduct elections honestly in the by-elections of Khatauli Assembly because this election will decide the work being done by the government. People are so happy with him. This single seat is not going to make any difference to the government, but this by-election will reveal the sentiments of the public towards the government and taking lessons from it, the government can gain wisdom. He called upon the administration that there should not be dishonesty in the elections, as one seat in Khatauli does not make any difference to the government

Naresh Tikait said that western Uttar Pradesh is the sugarcane belt and sugarcane politics prevails here and the sugarcane farmer here is completely devastated and ruined. He said that if the farmer speaks, they file a case against him and threaten him. They had a lot of hope from this government, but this government has not lived up to the expectations. Farmers and laborers are feeling cheated. 

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