NATO chief said – we have to be prepared for the continuation of war for years

Kyiv: The four-month-long fierce war in Ukraine is having an adverse effect on the morale of the armies of both sides and in many places the soldiers are on the orders of their officers. are disregarding or even revolting against them. Britain’s Defense Ministry said this on Sunday. Meanwhile, the NATO chief said that the war would last for ‘years’. May continue till.

Russia’s morale likely to suffer more
Analysis says, ‘‘ It is feared that soldiers have also left the Ukrainian army in recent weeks.’’ It said ‘‘Russia’s morale likely to suffer more.’’

The analysis states that ‘‘refusal to obey orders by the entire unit of Russian troops and incidents of armed conflict between officers and soldiers are frequent.’’

NATO Secretary General said this
Germany’s weekly magazine ‘Bilde am Sonntag’ In an interview published on Sunday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that ‘‘no one knows’’ As to how long the war can go on, ‘‘we have to be prepared for it to continue for years.’’

Russian company cuts gas supply to two countries
Russian gas company ‘Gazprom’ has cut gas supplies to two of its biggest European customers in Europe, Germany and Italy. In the context of Italy, it is expected that the officials will brainstorm this week regarding the energy situation. Italian energy company ‘ENI’ The U.S. chief said on Saturday that Italy could survive the winter with additional imports from other sources, but warned Italians should be prepared to use less gas if needed.

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