Navies of India-Japan-America-Australia did maneuvers together, war drill in the sea

Malabar Maritime Exercise 2022: The Malabar Maritime Exercise of the Quad countries came to an end on Wednesday with a pledge to jointly face any kind of maritime challenge in the Indo-Pacific region. For the last week and a half, the navies of India, America, Japan and Australia were doing war-drill in the sea near Yokosuka, Japan.

A total of 11 warships, including America’s nuclear aircraft carrier, Ronald Reagan, participated in the Malabar exercise this year. Indian Navy ships INS Shivalik and INS Kamorta participated. Apart from this, four P8I reconnaissance aircraft, helicopters and submarines participated. This was the 22nd edition of Malabar Exercise. For the first time in 1992, the Indian and American navies started the Malabar joint exercise. In later years, Japan and Australia also started participating.

At sea exercise off Japan

Live-firing, anti-air and anti-submarine warfare were practiced in the Sea of ​​Japan in the last five days in the Malabar exercise, which began on 7 November. According to Indian Army spokesperson, Commander Vivek Madhwal, the highlight of this year’s Malabar exercise was the War at Sea exercise, in which the navies of the four countries focused on strengthening inter-operability and making their combat skills more efficient.  

During the exercise, there was also an exchange of sea-riders between the warships of the four countries. This year’s Malabar exercise coincided with the Japanese Navy celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

The navies of the four countries tried to understand each other

According to the Indian Navy, apart from operational drill and training, the four participating countries also tested the mutual logistic support agreement, under which each other’s warships and navies can do refueling and maintenance at the naval base of any friendly country. During the exercise, all the navies tried to understand each other and also got to know each other’s operational skills. Apart from this, it was also emphasized to cooperate with each other in dealing with innumerable maritime challenges. 

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