Negligence of procurement centers in Bastar, 15 lakh quintals of paddy was not lifted even after two and a half months

Chhattisgarh News: Negligence of paddy procurement centers in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar has been exposed. It has been two and a half months since the paddy procurement was closed. But in the procurement centers of Bastar, lakhs of quintals of paddy are still lying in the open sky. It is worth noting that the weather of Bastar is changing for the last 10 days. Due to the rain due to change in weather, there is a complete possibility of spoilage of paddy. About 15 lakh quintals of paddy in three collection centers are lying in the open due to the negligence of the DMO.

government may have to bear the loss of crores

Apart from Bastar, the situation is the same in many districts of the division. Due to the negligence of the DMO, the government may have to bear the loss of crores of rupees. According to the information, the purchase of paddy from farmers on support price was stopped on 7th February itself. But even after a lapse of two and a half months, the lifting of paddy from the procurement centers has not been completed yet. Macfard had given the responsibility of lifting the paddy to the transporters. After 8 thousand quintals of paddy were left in the procurement center, the transports stopped the offtake. Here the procurement in-charge is also angry due to non-lifting of paddy from the collection centers.

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Paddy may get spoiled due to negligence of procurement centers

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