Negligence reached its peak in Sagar’s Bundelkhand Medical College, operated on the girl in fever

Sagar News: There is a bad situation regarding treatment in Government Medical Colleges in Madhya Pradesh. An example of this is Sagar’s  It has come to the fore in Bundelkhand Medical College (Bundelkhand Medical College). A case of negligence has come to light during the second operation of the foot of a seven-year-old child in the Orthopedic and Department of Medical College. Now the girl child is bearing the brunt of negligence. Child‍Chi’s eyesight has stopped. Now Dr‍ter is pressurizing him to forcibly take him to Bhopal to recover his mistake. On the other hand, the medical administration is calling this negligence a health related weakness. 

Doctors unheard
According to the information received, 7 years old R‍Asia, who was injured in an accident three months ago in Bundelkhand Med‍Kickle College, had knee surgery on one leg. From the middle of the thigh the rod (im‍p‍lant) was carried. On the first Thursday, about nine days, he was to be re-admitted and another operation was to be done. In this, the rod (im‍p‍lant) had to be removed after the bone was attached to his leg. He was having fever. This thing was told to S‍Tauf in the night, but‍in he‍he ignored‍Dia. In the morning the doctor‍tors operated on him‍dia. The operation went on from 9 am to  11 am. Lek‍in did not bring him out of the operation theatre. Later in the afternoon he was admitted directly to the children’s ICU.

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When I regained consciousness, the‍Stopped writing
The patient‍Riya Lodhi’s mother Sav‍ita Lodhi told that the doctors‍tours had been negligent during the operation. She was in fever and was operated on. When the daughter came to her senses after two days, she was not able to see anything. She didn’t recognize us. After 9 th‍after he has started writing light‍ka-hal‍ka-d‍ of about one foot, but‍in these are very less. She’s getting nervous too.

mother’s daughter’s bad condition
R‍According to R‍Riya’s mother Sav‍ita on Friday, when the doctor‍ter did not bring the daughter out for four hours, St‍taff And asked the doctor‍tors. On this it was told that the operation went well, the child‍chi’s heartbeat, pulse‍s had stopped, barely‍k‍zwj; have brought him back. On the other hand, Dr‍Turers put their mistake on‍te on‍Those who did not tell you that the child‍Chi had fever. While‍do do dozens of tests before the operation. Mother daughter is in bad condition after this accident. 

This is an application : Dean 
Dean of Medical College Dr RS Verma told that it is a type of complication which has happened due to anesthesia. Due to the sneezing of the child during the operation, there is bleeding in the brain, due to which the light has decreased. R‍Riya lost her eyesight. This matter has come to my notice. There is no such thing as negligence during leg operation. The child‍Chi’s MRI has been done, in that brain has got B‍Lud‍lot‍ing. He is undergoing treatment.

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