Neighbors were troubled by the smell coming from the house late at night in Auraiya, when the police broke the door, they lost their senses

Auraiya Police: An atmosphere of panic was created in the Kanshiram Colony, built near the residence of the old collectorate of Auraiya district, due to a sudden foul smell. When the troubled people came to know, a house in the colony itself was stinking. After this people informed the police about it. When the police reached the spot and broke the door of the room of the house, everyone was shocked, because the dead body of a young man was lying on the cot lying in the room, which was stinking badly. As soon as the information about this was received, SP Charu Nigam also reached the spot. After this, the police took the body into custody and sent it for postmortem.

People troubled by the stench were searching the houses
According to the information, there was a stir in Kashiram Colony located near the old collectorate residence in Auraiya Sadar Kotwali area of ​​the district when suddenly Bad smell started spreading rapidly in the colony. When the people of the colony gathered, the houses there were searched. During this time it was found that a house was smelling fast. When people got suspicious, they called the police. After this the force of the police station reached the spot. The police talked to the people and got information about the case. After this the door of the house was broken.

Police and neighbors were stunned to see the view of the room
After this, seeing the view of the room built in the house, along with the police, the senses of the neighbors were also blown away. The dead body of a young man was lying on the cot lying in the room. Foam was also coming out of the young man’s mouth. Many days older than the dead body was lying. As soon as people got the news of the dead body found in the colony, an atmosphere of panic was created in the entire colony. The police informed the entire matter to SP Charu Nigam. After this the SP himself went to the room to investigate and also questioned the people living nearby.

The youth was a resident of Jalaun district
The neighbors told that the deceased youth was a resident of Jalaun district. His name was told as Mahavir Dubey. The parents of the young man were not there. He lived alone at home. Neighbors told that he rarely interacted with the people around him. Mahavir was not even visible for the last two-four days. When the bad smell started coming in the colony, we inquired, after which we came to know that the smell was coming from Mahavir’s house. After this the information was given to the police. However, the reason behind finding the dead body inside the house is not clear. Through the documents found with the young man, his relatives have been informed about the incident. 

SP said, will reveal the matter soon
SP Charu Nigam, who reached the spot, said that information was received in the night itself that a house in Kashiram Colony built near the old collectorate residence It was stinking. After this, when the police reached the spot broke the door, the body of the young man was lying there. There was foam in his mouth. On the basis of the documents received from the young man, his family members have been informed. The SP said that till now the reasons for the death of the youth could not be ascertained. Soon the matter will be disclosed. 

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