Netflix added new ‘Two Thumbs Up’ for users, know what will be its work

Netflix is ​​adding a new ‘two thumbs up’ feature for members to indicate which shows and movies they like on the platform, as opposed to the simple ‘thumbs up’ button that existed earlier. "We’re rolling out a new feature that allows members to give two thumbs up to a title to indicate how much they really liked a show or movie. This is part of our overall strategy of ongoing conversations with our members and allows us to provide more feedback and input to improve their recommendations.” Christine Doug-Cardet, Director of Innovation for Personalization, told The Indian Express.

He said the idea was to give Netflix members more agency and control and help them refine their recommendations better. This feature will also help Netflix to get a clear idea between the titles that users only like and the ones they love. What we’ve heard from members is that there’s a difference between liking a show compared to liking a show. This distinction is necessary for them to indicate when they are using our ratings feature. We listened to that feedback and tested this new experience to be able to indicate that strong affinity.

The ‘two thumbs up’ option will act as another input to Netflix’s algorithm that recommends shows to users and has more weightage as well. "This is a strong indicator for the algorithm. It mixes in what kind of content users are interested in watching.

He pointed out that Netflix is ​​constantly adding features to give users more agency than they want to watch, including the ability to remove certain shows from the ‘Continue Watching’ option, which was added this year.

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