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Nima Denzongpa 17th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maniya and Nima come to the room. Lights spark. Nima goes inside. She sees a doll’s head. Maniya says someone is trying to scare us. If it’s not Mona who else could? Priyal plays with the doll. She says they’re scared. Now see Nima how I made you go crazy now. She laughs. Nima says to Maniya don’t worry. Virat wakes up. He says the light was tripping. Nima says we went downstairs to check.

Sia tries to sleep. She’s restless. She looks outside. She sees Shiv sleeping on the road. Sia brings him inside and gives him a blanket. He holds her hand. Virat says to Nima are you worried? Are you hiding something? She says there are a lot of things. He says tell me what happened? She says nothing. Priyal is in the store. Her phone rings. Nima walks outside. She says was that noise coming from the store room? She goes there. Nima comes to the store. Priyal hides. She’s confused. Nima looks around. She hits the blanket with a stick and says it’s so dirty. Priyal tries to control her screams.

Scene 2
Priyal says she hit me so much. Nima locks the store and says to the servant take it from me when you need something. Priyal is worried. She says what will I do now? I can’t call di.
Shiv makes breakfast for Sia. She says what are you doing here? He says you brought me in last night. She says I didn’t want people to talk. That doesn’t mean I forgave you. Nima says to the servant I will make tea for Gulshan and she can’t eat these biscuits. SHe has diabetes. I will do all her work. He says why do you call Virat’s mom ma’am? She says ma’am is just someone you respect. Gulshan hears all this. Maniya says they all treat you so bad. Nima says you can’t snatch a place in people’s hearts. You’ve to make that place.

Paras comes. Maniya hugs him. He says why are you crying? She says I felt so alone. Alok says didn’t we care for you? She says no you all took care of me a lot. Paras gives Krish a gift. He asks where is Birla? Nima says she’s gone to a relative. Paras says thannk you for caring for Maniya and Birla. Virat says we’re family. He says our house is rennovated. Virat says you can stay here for a day. Paras says I will handle it. Gulshan says Virat is right, let the house be reayd. Stay here till then. We have room here. Nima asys Paras Gulshan ma’am is saying with love. Stay. Gulshan says what’s ma’am? Everyone calls me mummy ji here. I am not a teacher. Call me mummy ji. Nima is shocked. She says mummy ji. virat says that’s my real mom. Gulshan says also call Mona bhabhi not ma’am. Nima says to Maniya to not tell Paras anything.

Episode ends

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