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Scene 1
Nima says you could tell me I could put it myself. He says yes.. she leaves. Virat feels awkward. The pooja starts Nima sits with Virat. Mona says this maid is sitting with Virat in pooja. Gulshan says this pooja is ruined. He won’t listen to me, I will go back. Maniya and Paras come. Maniya looks for Nima. She’s sitting in pooja. They sit down. Priyal tries to sleep in her room. She looks outside. pandit ji asks Nima and Virat to hold hands. They do the pooja rituals. Sia comes in. She’s angry looking at them. Sia says you said this is wedding is name sake? Why is she sitting in pooja with him then? She’s fooling us. Sunita says sit down please. Pooja completes. Pandit ji asks them to put arti in the locker. Gulshan says I won’t give locker key to anyone. Virat says you don’t trust me? She says I don’t. she says come with me.

Nima brings arti. Gulshan opens the locker. Nima puts arti in it. Virat says sorry for maa’s behavior. Nima says it’s okay. They do arti around the house. Virat helps her fix her pallu. Priyal is in her room. Virat and Nima bring arti there too. Priyal says I can’t see all this. I’ve to get out of here. Nima and Virat give prasad to everyone. Sunita says I brought halwa for mata. Mona says what? Our prasad is ready. Who would eat this. I mean it would be wasted. Virat says I love it. It won’t be wasted. Sunita gives it to him. Krish says me? Nima says what me? Speak it. He says me arti. Nima gives him arti. He smiles.

Gulshan says where are the bhajan singers? Alok says they’re stuck in traffic. Gulshan says this is what happens when a maid does pooja. Virat says mummy please. Nima does pooja. Nima picks the mic andd sings bhajan herself. Everyone is shocked. All guests appreciate her. Mona turns the mic off. Maniya says let me help aai. She sings with Nima. Sia and Sunita also join them. Everyone loves it. Priyal comes out. She sees Mona hidden behind the shelf and says what is di going to do. Mona tries to put Nima’s pallu in fire. Priyal stops her and says what were you gonna do.. Nima’s pallu catches fire. She screams for help.

Episode ends

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