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Scene 1
Sunita asks how did you remove Nima from the photo? Suresh says we took her photo at the same place before. They all laugh. Nimma says I don’t know where is Virat. Suresh says this is touch time. Let’s focus on Alok. Sunita says you will win for sure. Nima says let’s go. The doctor checks alok. He says you’re very stressed. I am giving you sleeping pills to keep you calm. Alok screams ghost.. The doctor says there is no ghost here. Suresh says he started again. Alok says she will give me. He gives Alok a tranquilzer and he falls asleep. He says we have to do his neuro examination. Nima says will my brother me okay? He says yes. Suresh says he calls his sisteer ghost. Suresh sees him off. Nima laughs.

Tulika gives Alok soup. He searches online if ghosts are real. Alok reads ghosts can be real if the dead body is there if you’ve done injustice to them. But if the body isn’t there that means someone is fooling you. Sunita comes as an old woman. She says I am hungry. Give me food. Tulika says come in. Alok says how can she come in. Tulika says she’s a poor lady. He says this isn’t a hotel. Sunita says you criminal. Alok says get out. Sunita says she will kill you. She points at Nima in the mirror. Alok screams. He says can you see her? She says yes. Tulika and Suresh say they see no one. Alok say thank God someone else is seeing her too. Sunita says she will kill you. Sunita leaves.

Scene 2
At night, Alok digs Nima’s grave. He says now I will know if she’s fooling me. He sees skeleton there. He says that means she’s a real ghost. Suresh says wow Nima thank God you kept it here. Suresh says let’s go home before him. tulika asks Alo where were you? He says that ghost will kill me. Suresh says you’ve to be strong. I can’t see you like this. Tulika says Mohan ji do you believe in ghosts? He says but Alok doesn’t believe in it. Alok says please help me. Suresh says that old woman can help you. I am sure she had knowledge about all this. People like her can help us but you kicked her out. Alok says please find her. Tulika says where will we find her? Suresh says I will find her.

Suresh brings Sunita home. Alok apologizes. He says forgive me please. I will do what you say. Tulika says please help him. Sunita says yes I will help because you’re asking you. You were giving me food. She says to Alok do what I say. She is angry. She wants her revenge. We have to make her weak. Sunita says we have to do pooja at a place where she was either born or got married. Alok says I know where she got married. She tells them things she would need. She says do what I ask. The ghost will come on her own.

Scene 3
Alok says to the watch don’t let anyone come to the house. It’s our shooting there. Nima comes there and says I came to clean the house. Sir sent me. the watchman lets her get it.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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