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Scene 1
Nima comes to Sehti house. She sees Virat’s photo. She says I will make this place home again. I will bring everyone back. She puts on the sofa. Bell rings. Suresh says to Sunita you did so much overacting. Sunita says I acted well. Tulika says yes she did it was so funny. Suresh says let’s go. They sit in the house. Alok says we have everything that women asked for. Tulika says I am very scared. Suresh says close eyes and says Nima come. Tulika starts shaking. She acts like Nima is in her. She says Alok.. I am here.. She suffocates her. Suresh holds her. Alok applies tilak on her. Tulika comes back. Suresh says let’s go from here. Nima gets the house set up.

Alok comes to his house. Nima says to the set people to leave. She turns off the lights. Alok comes in. They hide. Suresh sees Nima. He says Nima isn’t ready and these people are here too. Alok goes into his room. Someone stops Alok and says where are you going? He looks back. It’s Suresh. Alok says you scared me. You were talking like a girl. He says I am Nima. He screams. Alok gets scared. Nima makes the people run from there. Suresh asks what happened? Alok says you were talking like Nima. Tulika gets up and says Alok. She says why are my hands tied? He says Nima was coming into you. Where is that old Banjaran? Sunita comes and says I am here. She will come soon too. She starts the pooja and says Nima come out right away. I will burn everything. Smoke starts spreading. Suresh says what’s happening? Sunita says she is very powerful. She says Nima come out. Lights go off.

Alok looks around. Music plays.. Nima starts laughing. Things fall from walls. Nima comes in a white saree. Alok is scared. Nima says Alok I am here. Nima says you will play for your sins. No one can save you. You can’t run from me. Jiji says why is she calling you Alok? Your name is Avi. She says his name is Avi. Don’t call him Alok. Nima spins. Alok says maa Ji save me. Sunita says why are you here? Nima says I want revenge. Sunita says don’t come forward. Nima says I will kill anyone who comes in my way. Nima suffocated Tulika. She says Alok come here or I will kill her. Alok runs upstairs. Suresh says Avinash sir. We have to do havan. He is hidden in the store. Tulika says where is he? Sunita says he came come anytime. Nima comes upstairs too. She says Alok.

Nima comes to the store. Alok is hidden. Nima comes towards shim and laughs. He runs. Alok locks Nima in the closet. She says I will kill you. He sets the closet on fire. He says I will burn your soul too. He goes downstairs. Nima coughs inside the closet. She screams. Alok says it’s her end. I burned that ghost. I locked her in the closet and burned it. They’re all shocked. Nima faints inside the closet

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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