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Nima Denzongpa 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima brings the cake. Virat asks Chinkey to bring Krish. Nima gives her the costume. Mona says now this maid will give my daughter orders?

Rani says to Maniya Babita’s one engagement got called off already. Who will marry her? Maniya says he wouldn’t go away from here if he had nothing to hide. Suman says what’s wrong with you. When everyone was against you Babita and I stood with you. You don’t want to see my Babita happy? Pushpa says I told you marry a girl from our status. Maniya says I only want good for Babita. She’s like Sia and Nari for me. Babita says I was happy with Mahindra. Would you ruin your sister’s happiness? Maniya says you were happy now but you would regret later. Suman says enough. Paras says you were wrong Maniya. Apologize to Mahindra. Mahindra says you don’t trust me? He says Mahindra was here with us. How did you see him? Maniya says if you don’t trust me then there is no point of staying here. I consider you my sister Babita. SHe leaves. Rani stops Paras and says you can’t keep running after her. You should stand with Babita. paras says she’s my wife. I can’t let her go out alone. I will get Mahindra investigated again. Pushpa says she will go to her home.

Scene 2
Maniya recalls what everyone said. she walks home. Paras calls Sunita and says where did Maniya go if she didn’t come there? Sunita says go near Nima’s house. Priyal drives in anger. MOna calls her and says come home. We will plan something. She says I don’t wanna hear anything. Priyal hits someone with her car. She says di I hit someone. Mona says get out and see.. Priyal looks out. She says it’s a girl. Mona says run from there and come home. It’s Maniya. She is lying in blood. Priyal runs. Maniya sees the car number.

Priyal comes home. Mona says stay calm. Priyal says what if something happens to that girl? Mona says wear this mask and hide your face. Virat says hide what? Where were you? Priyal says I actually.. Mona says she was asleep. Mona says stay calm. No one knows you went out. Bell rings.. It’s Paras. Nima says Paras you? Did Maniya come too? People see Maniya. They pick her and take her to the hospital. She’s badly injured. Maniya tries to tell the car number. Paras says to Nima Maniya left somewhere in anger.. Nima says how could you let her go in that condition? You should have gone with her. What happened? Virat says calm down, we have to find her first. Paras says I asked home, she isn’t there. She is not at any of her friend’s place. Paras gets a call. He drops his phone. Nima says where is she? What happened? Tell me please. Where is my Maniya? What happened to her. Paras says she met an accident. She’s very serious. Virat holds Nima. Nima says I have to go there right now. Virat says I am coming too. They leave. Krish comes out. Chinkey says surprise.. He sees Virat and Nima leaving. He says maa papa?

Scene 3
Sia and Sunita are worried for Maniya. Sunita says my heart is really worried. Sia says she will be foudn. Don’t worry. God will take care of her. Sunita says let’s call Nima or Paras. Aarun says my friends are looking for her. Paras calls Sia. She says what? Sunita faints. They all rush to hospital. Nima asks receptionist where is Maniya? She says it OT. The nurse says you can’t go inside. They treat her in emergency. Nima cries. The doctor says her heartbeat is dropping. Virat calls commissioner and says find that person who did it at all costs. We will get him punished. Nima asks the doctor how is she? She says get these medicine please. Paras stands in shock. Virat says I will get it. Nima says Paras I know it’s difficult time. We have to be strong for Maniya. SHe will be okay.

Pushpa comes and asks is our grandchild okay? Nima looks at her in anger. Suman says how is Maniya? Paras says we can’t say anything. Doctor said she’s very serious. Suman says sorry to Nima. Nima hugs her. Suman cries.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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