‘Nitish should explain to his ministers’, RCP Singh said – We knew only one Chandrashekhar…

Patna: Former Union Minister RCP Singh lashed out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday. The issue was the education minister’s statement of Ramcharitmanas which created a lot of stir in the politics of Bihar. RCP Singh said what has happened to Bihar. The Chief Minister should first of all call his ministers and explain the country’s constitution, Sanatan Dharma, tradition on all these things. We knew only one Chandrashekhar who was Chandrashekhar Azad. He sacrificed for the country. what are these people doing. doing the work of breaking the society.

The minister is working to divide the society with such statements

RCP Singh angrily said that Nitish Kumar’s ministers keep giving statements about anything. They do not understand Sanatan Dharma and the old tradition of the country. Tell whether Ramcharitmanas is the subject of any comment? If his minister gives a statement on him like this, then it is nothing but laughable, isn’t it? Means Nitish Kumar’s minister can say anything. Whatever comes to mind keeps on speaking. We know only one Chandrashekhar Azad who has sacrificed for the country. One is this Chandrashekhar who is working to divide the society. Spreading hatred with such statements. How can anyone comment on Ramcharitmanas.

RCP had reached the birth anniversary celebrations of Karpoori Thakur

Tell that today is Karpoori Thakur’s birth anniversary. A conference has been organized regarding this. During this, RCP Singh also reached. He also said many things about Karpoori Thakur. Meanwhile, his anger erupted over the statement of the Education Minister on Ramcharitmanas and he lashed out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar Singh had said in the program of students in Nalanda itself that Ramcharitmanas is a book that spreads hatred. In this people of low caste   have been abused. It has been said to deprive them of education.

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