Noida: 4 miscreants arrested for shaving the beard of an elderly, the Pechkas gang had committed the crime

Noida News: After a case of communal attack was registered after 18 months on the intervention of the Supreme Court, the police (Noida Poice) have now arrested 4 accused. All four are scoundrels of Pechkus gang. After a lot of effort, the police arrested them on the 10th day after the registration of the case. To catch them, the police have checked about 1000 cars, 250 CCTV cameras, 12,000 mobiles. After which the police got this success.

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The miscreants were caught after 18 months
Actually, Kazim Ahmed, a resident of Zakir Nagar, Delhi had reached the Botanical Garden from Sector 37 on the morning of 4 July 2021. He was given a lift by miscreants riding a cab to go to Aligarh. After this, 4 miscreants locked the car, thrashed him and injured him by hitting him with a screwdriver. Within a short time, seeing his identity, he started commenting and many times his beard was also plucked. At that time, the police did not file a report in this matter, when the Supreme Court intervened in the matter, then on January 15, 2023, Kotwali Sector-39 police filed a report in a hurry and now after about 18 months, the miscreants were investigated. was caught.

This case was registered after the Supreme Court took a tough stand in the matter and summoned the Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP). Gani Mustafa, the brother of the victim Kazim, told that they complained about the incident with his brother from the outpost level to the police station and senior police officers, but no one listened to them. Eventually he had to resort to the Supreme Court. 

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