Not America-UK or China… this is the world’s most productive country

The 9 to 5 job has now become history. Even at home, thinking about office work, checking your emails and messages throughout the day is actually a part of your job, which you do even after duty hours. When it comes to working in work culture and pressure, America and Britain come to mind first. Of course, Americans have popularized the “culture of working in a hurry”, but you will be surprised to know that there is not the most work, but the people of France do the most work, that is, they are the most workaholics. This information has been given in a recent survey.

According to a Bloomberg report,A survey by health insurer Bupa Global found that nearly 4 in 10 French business leaders admitted to working long hours without regular breaks. 25% of the global average and much higher than the levels in the US, China and the UK. The survey found that more than any other country, French executives were most concerned about their personal performance. In the survey, researchers found that concern about the current economic instability of their organizations, comparing themselves with global peers contributed to their working style.

“This combination of external economic pressures and a tendency to take responsibility on their own may contribute to French authorities doing the most,” said Anthony Cabrelli, managing director of Bupa Global.

France’s workplace policy and lifestyle can surprise. Most blue-collar and service staff fall under the 35-hour work week. In the year 2017, the “right to disconnect” law was brought in France due to the increasing pressure of work on the employees. France became the first European nation to implement such a law. Under this law, after the duty is over, they got rid of checking emails or messages. In France, since 2000, there is a rule of 35 hours a week, but thanks to smartphones and email, due to the arbitrary attitude of the companies, the employees had to work more than this.

At the same time, during the Corona epidemic, the remote work culture inspired other countries to propose similar laws. French labor law forbids anyone from having lunch at their desk. However, this rule was suspended during the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to the Bupa survey, it was easier to work among office-going executives than among executives who interviewed 2,439 high net worth individuals across eight regions in August and September.

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