Notice to the temple-mosque built at two railway stations of Agra, know what is the matter

Raja Ki Mandi Railway Station in Agra: There is a temple of Mata Chamunda on platform number one of Raja Ki Mandi railway station in Agra. According to the railways, it is illegally built on railway land. Therefore, the railway has issued a notice to remove it. The railways has also issued a similar notice to a mosque located at the city station. But the issue of getting the notice to the temple was tweeted by the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya, after which the matter has gained momentum.

On the dispute regarding the notice to remove the temple at Raja ki Mandi railway station, the Northern Railway says that we have also given a notice to remove the Noori Masjid located at the city station of Agra and if public sentiments are balanced, both Want to act on the same notices simultaneously. Due to this illegal occupation of Raja ki Mandi, there is also a problem in obeying the order of the Central Government to improve the speed of trains. 

Notice to the temple at Raja ki Mandi station

The speed of trains is not increasing more than 30 Km/h

Raja Ki Mandi railway station may be closed for passengers

Northern Railway says that the safety of the passengers is the first for the railway, so if the illegal occupation of the temple is not removed from the Raja Ki Mandi railway station, then this railway station will be closed for the common passengers. That is, the stoppage of trains at this station will be closed. With this, the issue of threat to the safety of passengers will also be resolved and the speed of trains will also increase according to the target. Railways says that closing the station is not a threat but a middle way to solve the matter. If public sentiments about the removal of the temple built on illegal land prevent us from working, then we will be forced to take this middle path.

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