Now Dhirendra Shastri’s new statement about Hindu nation, arrows left between controversies

Bageshwar Dham Row: Baba Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham, who came into the limelight recently for his statements and claims of showing so-called miracles, has once again Has issued a statement regarding the nation. Baba has been repeatedly demanding to make India a Hindu nation. Although, he is not clarifying what Hindu Rashtra means in his view, but those who support his point of view from different sections of the country, society and politics are also coming forward. 

Baba Dhirendra’s statement is becoming quite viral on social media as well. Actually, while going from Raipur to Chhatarpur, he said that "you support me i will give you hindu nation", The series of statements did not stop here. Even after this, he reached Chhatarpur and remained firm on this statement that demanding Hindu nation is not unconstitutional in any way. 

On Tuesday (January 25), he returned from Raipur to Chhatarpur. A crowd of devotees had gathered to welcome him. During this, there was rain of flowers amidst the beating of drums. Baba reached Chhatarpur from Raipur in a car and was welcomed with much fanfare. 

What did Baba say about Ramcharitmanas 

Divyas of Raipur The talk of Hindu Rashtra that Baba had raised from the stage, he kept repeating it even in Chhatarpur on the injury of Thanke. At the same time, he also said that the demand for a Hindu nation is neither unconstitutional nor irrational. Not only this, he also gave a statement regarding the ongoing controversy over Ramcharitmanas. He says that those who call Ramcharitmanas a book that dissolves poison are sly. Ramcharitmanas works as Ram Setu. Each stone works to connect society and ideology. 

Baba Shastri accused of spreading superstition 

Dhirendra of Bageshwar Dham Shastri has been in the limelight for the last one week. This is the same Baba who tells people’s mind by writing on a piece of paper. The country is divided into two different factions regarding these. One believes that Baba Dhirendra has miraculous power, the other faction is refusing to accept it as a miracle. Shastri is also being accused of spreading superstition. 

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