Now Indian soldiers will fly like ‘Iron Man’! Army orders jetpack suit with 50KM speed

Indian Army Jet Pack Suit: The Indian Army has started the process of procuring 130 advanced drone systems to strengthen its overall surveillance and combat capability in sensitive border areas. Along with this, the army is also starting the process of 100 ‘Robotic Mules’ with accessories. Officials gave this information on Tuesday (January 24). 

He said that the tied drones are being bought under emergency procurement under the fast-track process in the ‘Buy-Indian’ category. Under this category, the Army has sought Request for Letters (RFP) from units interested in procuring 48 jet pack suits under emergency procurement.

Speciality of jet pack suit?

Indian Army has started the process of buying 48 jet pack suits. There are many benefits of this jet pack suit. Soldiers posted on the border can also fly in critical conditions by wearing jet pack suits. According to the information, there are five gas turbine jet engines in the jet pack suit, which generate energy of about 1000 horsepower. Such suits can be run on fuel, diesel or kerosene. The speed of the jet pack suit is 50 kilometers per hour.

What is the specialty of a drone?

The tethered drone system consists of drones that are attached to a ‘tether station’ on the ground and can monitor targets beyond visual range for extended periods of time. Officials said that each drone system will have two aerial vehicles, a single-person portable ground control station, a tether station, a remote video terminal and other components with an included payload. The last date for submission of tender is February 14. 

Army strengthening surveillance system

The Indian Army is strengthening its overall surveillance mechanism along the nearly 3,500-km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China after the eastern Ladakh demarcation that began in May 2020. The Army has also started the process of 100 ‘Robotic Mules’ with accessories. Officials said that the last date for submission of tender is February 6.

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