Now Patwari office will not have to go round, amendment made in the process of registry

Amendment made in registry process: Often people have to visit Patwari office several times to get their land or houses registered. This process sometimes takes months, but now it will not happen. Keeping in view the problems of the people, on the initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the process of conversion has been made simple and time bound.

Information will be given to the beneficiaries through SMS
Information will be sent to the beneficiaries through SMS during the transfer process. The time limit has also been fixed by the Tehsildar for issuing information to the parties and inviting claim objections. Similarly, if the case of undisputed conversion is not resolved within the stipulated time, the provisions of Chhattisgarh Public Service Guarantee Act will be applicable against the concerned.

this new amendment
As per the present amendment, the land owner has been given the option of Gram Panchayat or Tehsil office in the matter of transfer at the time of registration itself. Information will also be provided to the land owners on their mobile phones through SMS. Immediately after registration, its information will be sent to the online ID of the concerned Halka Patwari Revenue Inspector and Tehsildar.

On this information, it will be forwarded by the Patwari by attaching the inquiry report within seven days. In case of delay by Patwari, the case will be automatically forwarded. Advertisement will be published by the Tehsildar for general information, so that claim objections can be submitted within 15 days. After that the order will be passed, the compliance of which will be verified by updating B-One, Khasra, Map and Kisan Book.

Its information will also be given to the beneficiary through SMS. If the time limit provided under the Public Service Guarantee Act is out, the information of the said case will be received by the beneficiary and the presiding officer through SMS. In this regard, the state government has also circulated necessary instructions to all the divisional commissioners and collectors.

Weekly review meeting

The transfer cases will be reviewed every week. By organizing a revenue fortnight, a copy of the updated record can be provided to the beneficiaries.  At the time of Girdawari, the revenue record will be read out village wise. This important amendment has been made by the state government in order to make the process of conversion simple and time bound.

Earlier this problem used to occur during registry

Now the registry will be on time limit
It has been seen many times that even after giving information related to land transfer to the Revenue Department, the land transfer related services of the land owners have been delayed. There is no action inside. Keeping this in mind, a need was felt to amend the rules of transfer.

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