Now you do not need to do B.Tech to make App and website

You must be using many types of App and Website everyday. You must have also thought that after all, how the website and app builders must be studying. Many people think that you can do this work only when you have done B.Tech. However, to some extent this is also true. But not completely, because there are many such certificate courses too, after doing which you can learn to make both website and app. The biggest thing is that neither your age is seen nor you are asked how educated you are to do this certificate course.

Many types of languages ​​are used to create websites and apps. It is used, which we also call programming language. Today we will tell you about one such programming language, Python, through which you can build the best website and app from home. The biggest thing is that we will tell you five such websites through which you can learn Python language very easily for free.

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science   (Introduction to Computer Science) which we also know as CS50. This is one of the best Python courses that you can learn online for absolutely free. To learn it, you just have to register yourself by visiting website.

Crash Course on Python

Crash Course on Python (Crash Course on Python) This is a bit difficult and advanced level course. Its study is mostly done by those people who have to work for Google IT automation. Once you have read this course thoroughly and passed its exam, then after that you get the certificate of Professional Python Course. You can also use this certificate to get a good job. To take this course for free, you need to register yourself on the website.

Caggle Python Course

Caggle Python Course ( Kaggle Python Course) is the third best programming language course. If you have an interest in data science and want to learn something new in  Python, then the Kaggle Python course is best for you. To learn this course for free, you need to register on website. 

Introduction to Python Programming

Introduction to Python Programming (Introduction to Python Programming) This course is one of the most advanced level courses in programming language. This is specially done by the University of Pennsylvania. If you do this course, your understanding of conditionals, loops, variables and functions along with core programming and data structures will improve. If you want to learn this course for free, then you have to register yourself by visiting website.

Python of Everybody Specialization

< p>As the name itself suggests, after doing this course, you become a master in Python language. In the Python for Everybody Specialization course, you learn programming as well as analyzing data well. Along with this, you also learn how to develop the program in this course. This course is exclusively offered by the University of Michigan. If you want to learn this course for free, then you have to register yourself by visiting the website.

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