Nuclear Weapons: Dictator Kim Jong will use nuclear weapons! gave this warning

Kim Jong using nuclear weapons: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has once again warned that if his country is threatened, he will back down from using his nuclear weapons. North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency KCNA gave this information on Saturday. Kim also praised his top military officials for holding a massive military parade in the capital Pyongyang this week. Has expressed a strong will about it. Kim said this was necessary in view of the ever-increasing nuclear threats from enemy countries. According to KCNA, Kim had invited military officers to praise the work of military officers at the parade held on Monday.
Most Powerful Weapons Demonstrated
North Korea displayed the most powerful weapons under its military’s nuclear program in this huge military parade. Intercontinental ballistic missiles were also displayed in the parade. This parade was organized to mark the 90th anniversary of the North Korean army.
Won’t accept dictator Kim Jong Un

Actually Kim Jong Un attended a huge military parade held on Monday. The parade featured several of the North’s latest missiles, including its largest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Hwasong-17 and the recently tested hypersonic missile. State media agency KCNA said that during this period the modernity, valor and radical development of the armed forces and their incomparable military and technical superiority were displayed. North Korea says it opposes war and its weapons are for self-defense, but at Monday’s parade, Kim said the mission of its nuclear force was to protect the country’s fundamental interests in addition to preventing war.

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