Om Prakash Rajbhar retaliated on Shivpal Yadav’s statement, replied by referring to ‘two-faced snake’

Ramcharitmanas Row: The rhetoric on Ramcharitmanas started with the controversial statement of Swami Prasad Maurya in Uttar Pradesh is not taking the name of stopping. Now Subhaspa chief Om Prakash Rajbhar has retaliated on the statement of Samajwadi Party leader Shivpal Singh Yadav. During this, he has also challenged Akhilesh Yadav. 

Om Prakash Rajbhar while replying to Shivpal Singh Yadav mentioned ‘two faced snake’. Om Prakash Rajbhar said, "Leaders are two headed snakes. Shivpal Yadav contested on SP ticket but which gun did he fire?" Earlier, while replying to the statement of Swami Prasad Maurya, Shivpal Singh Yadav had said, "This is Swami Prasad Maurya’s own personal statement. The party has nothing to do with it. His statement is not the statement of the party. We are the people who follow the ideals of Lord Rama and Krishna."

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BJP was targeted
SP raised questions on BJP in its statement. They said, "Are the people of BJP following the path shown by Lord Ram? God never used to lie but he is selling Ram only." Targeting Keshav Prasad Maurya, he said, "Keshav Prasad Maurya had come very loud. Now in our Mainpuri Lok Sabha by-election, the public has taught them a lesson. In future too, we will tell them how elections are fought."

Please tell that this whole rhetoric started with the controversial statement of Swami Prasad Maurya on Ramcharitmanas. in which he said, "In some lines of Ramcharit Manas, names of castes like Teli and ‘Kumhar’ are mentioned which hurt the sentiments of lakhs of people of these castes. Such parts of the book, which insult someone on the basis of one’s caste or any mark, should be banned.”

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