Once suffering from incurable disease, now got admission in prestigious medical college through NEET

UP News: If the mind has the will to do something, the intentions are pure and the steps towards the destination are being taken with hard work, dedication and dedication, then physical disability should never become an obstacle. Sakti This thing fits perfectly on Yashi Kumari of Sangam city Prayagraj, who was suffering from a disease called Cerebral Palsy, which was considered incurable in India till now. Till the age of seven, her hands and feet did not work and she used to lie on the bed all the time, but today this Yashi is not only standing on her feet, but she has also been selected in the country’s oldest medical college in Kolkata. Done.
Sometimes had to listen to taunts from relatives
Yashi has got great success in the first attempt for admission in MBBS course. Yashi, who was helpless to walk on her own, is now going to become a doctor. By becoming a doctor, she will serve all other disabled children like her and try to make them stand on their feet. This achievement of Yashi is not only telling the story of his success, but now he has also become a source of inspiration for many other children and differently-abled people. However, the story of Yashi, who is going to be a doctor after being given the reason of lying helpless in the bed by relatives and listening to taunts in school, is just like movies.
Yashi’s father used to drive auto
 Yashi Kumari was suffering from a disease called Cerebral Palsy since birth, which was considered completely incurable in India till a few days ago. Yashi’s father Manoj Kumar Singh was an auto driver. The financial condition of the family was not very good. Despite this, father Manoj left no stone unturned to get Yashi’s treatment from his auto earnings. However, despite this there was no improvement in his condition. In childhood, Yashi used to find life a burden at times. However, Yashi never lost courage even after lying on the bed all day. She wanted to make her weakness a strength. A few years back Yashi’s family took him to Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain in Prayagraj. 
Yashi has been securing first position in every exam
 Dr. Jitendra Jain not only in India but hundreds of children from dozens of countries have got rid of the incurable disease of cerebral palsy. Children from developed countries like America and Britain also come to him for treatment. Yashi slowly started getting relief from the treatment of Dr. Jitendra Jain and his body started moving. Yashi started going to school after this. He passed every examination in first division. However, the school teachers never allowed him to participate in any activity because of his physical disability.
This doctor gave a normal life
After passing the 12th examination from a school in Gorakhpur, Yashi appeared in the NEET for admission to the medical course. In the first attempt, she not only managed to make a place in merit, but also got admission in MBBS, which is called the most important course. He has been selected in Kolkata one of the oldest medical colleges in the country. Before admission, she once again came to Prayagraj to meet her doctor Jitendra Jain. Dr. Jain gifted Yashi an apron and stethoscope here. Yashi, who has become an example of struggle, says that the way Dr. Jitendra Jain has made her almost normal with the service, in the same way she herself wants to cure all other children by becoming a doctor. wants to serve the sick.
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