Once upon a time people used to make fun of Ira, despite her disability she did not give up and became IAS

UPSC Topper Ira Sehgal: If you are determined to do anything in life, can nothing be possible. Today we are going to tell you the story of a woman IAS who has done many things to fulfill her dream."gmail_default">​Challenges stood firm. Ira surprised everyone by securing the top rank in the UPSC exam in 2014. She is the first woman candidate to do so. Suffering from a particular disease since childhood, Ira got to hear so many taunts throughout the world, but Ira did not give up. Instead of looking at his potential from someone else’s point of view, he believed in himself and did something that big people could not do. 

What’s wrong with Ira

Ira has a disease called scoliosis since childhood. This causes problems in the spinal cord and deteriorates the body structure. For this reason, Ira’s height also did not increase. But he never let this disease come in the way of his success. Ira was born in Meerut and did her early education. When Ira was born, she was like a normal child, but as she grew older, this disease started appearing. His parents took a lot of treatment but to no avail.

This is how I was inspired to become an IAS

Once in Ira’s childhood, curfew was imposed in his city and all the schools etc. were closed. Then he asked why the schools are closed, then he got the answer that it is the orders of the DM. Ira was surprised to hear that the whole city could be shut down on someone’s orders. That’s why she thought that she too would grow up to become DM. His decision was further strengthened by the problems faced by PH candidates with increasing age.

Selected four times in total

Ira gave the UPSC exam a total of four times. He was selected four times in which he got IRS thrice. In the fourth time, Ira not only passed the UPSC exam but also got All India Rank One. With this, Ira became the country’s first differently abled candidate who topped the UPSC exam.

Ira advises other candidates that you yourself know your abilities, never give this opportunity to someone else to tell you your limits. Have dreams and fulfill them but also remember that UPSC is not everything. Life is ahead and behind it as well.

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