Online transaction and Aari… In the Shraddha murder case, the police got these 7 proofs against Aftab

Shraddha Murder Case: The Shraddha murder case in Delhi’s Mehrauli has shaken the whole country. Delhi Police has succeeded in solving a blind murder case after six months. At the same time, the police have to struggle a lot to collect evidence against Aftab Poonawala, the main accused in this murder case. The 5-day police remand of accused Aftab is ending on Thursday (November 17), after which he is to be produced in the court on Thursday (November 17). The police will appeal to the court to extend Aftab’s police custody for at least one week. 

Delhi Police wants to get Narco Test done for Shraddha murder case accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla. The police are still looking for the remaining parts of the body of Aftab’s live-in partner Shraddha Walkar. To search for the body parts of the deceased, the police took the accused to Mehrauli forest. Let us tell you what evidence the Delhi Police has got against the accused Aftab.

Delhi Police found this evidence against Aftab

1. The Delhi Police has recorded the statement of the shopkeeper from whom Aftab had bought the fridge. Rashid who bought the fridge has also been found by the police. The bill’s slip is dated May 19 and the fridge used in the incident is currently under forensic investigation.

2. The police have also reached the shop from where Aftab bought a small saw to cut Shraddha’s body after killing her. The police have recorded the statement of the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper has also identified Aftab.

3. Accused Aftab had bought the goods used in the murder online. The police has reached the company from where he made the purchase. The police will now record the statement of the company.

4. Delhi Police has traced the doctor who had treated Aftab when he got injured on his hand during the body cutting. Aftab got his treatment done by Dr. Anil Singh. The police have also recorded the statement of the doctor. The doctor has also identified the accused Aftab. 

5. Police have recovered 14 bones from the forest, which have been sent for forensic examination. Apart from this, the DNA sample of Shraddha’s father has also been taken. With this, the police can confirm that the bones recovered from the forest belong to Shraddha.

6. Shraddha’s call detail and mobile phone’s last location was of Chhatarpur in Delhi. Accused Aftab was repeatedly repeating during police interrogation that Shraddha had left the house after a fight. 

7. Accused Aftab had transferred Rs 54,000 from Shraddha’s account. He had transferred this money after killing Shraddha. 

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